Friday, December 2, 2011

Homeless Lady with 15 Kids: ‘Somebody Needs to Pay for All My Children’

The sad thing in this situation is that the children are paying a very heavy price for the irresponsible actions of the parents. That is always the most difficult part of these situations.

As a teacher, I am faced with similar situations in which I have wound up buying meals, paying for school supplies, etc. of children who live their lives in chaos due to their parent's inability to take care of their children. While this is an extreme case, I can't begin to describe some of the cases I have seen over the years.

Angel obviously needs some help. I believe the first step is for her to get some parenting classes as well as life-skill classes. Who will pay for that? Obviously the taxpayer. Her children need a place to live, clothes on their backs and food in their stomachs. Who will pay for that? See previous answer.

Does that seem fair to you? I've got news for you, life is NOT fair. This is not a theoretical case. You are dealing with flesh and blood children and now you have to ask yourself what is the right thing to do.

Certainly you can bemoan the fact that this woman should NEVER have had all these kids. You can certainly be angry at her entitlement stance. I have no problem with adults facing the consequences of their own actions. I do have a difficulty with children bearing the burden of their irresponsible parent's decisions.

Do cases like this bother you? These are fifteen children born without a chance.

Do I feel like taxpayers are rewarding bad behavior? Yes. I understand what you are saying and I believe you are correct. So what is the answer? The constitution does not allow for involuntary sterilization. Demand that these people "get a job"? Surely this would help some but what skills do these people really have? Will a minimum wage job really cover the needs of 29 kids? Will it cover the babysitting costs for 15 kids?

Should the fathers of Angel's kids be contributing to their support? ABSOLUTELY. Unfortunately the father of TEN of her kids is in jail. Again, adult choices being born-out upon the children. What now?

I suppose Angel could always pimp out her kids to a reality TV show. What do you think they should call it? How about 15 & Homeless?

So what happened to Angel? It turns out that Hillsborough Kids volunteered to help cover the more than $6,000 she owes to the Tampa Housing Authority. The Children's Home Society paid the first month's rent for the six-bedroom house and found furnishings. Her rent, adjusted for income and the size of her family, will be virtually nothing, Cox said. He couldn't estimate how much the state has spent on her in the past two years.

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