Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Crank It Up

Today’s devotional in the Love Expressed series is about personalizing your worship.
Most of us have heard the story of Jesus walking on water. His disciples were in the boat when a strong wind kicked up. Jesus walked on water. Then Peter walked on water. Then Peter sank and Jesus saved him.
They were filled with joy. They were delighted. They had seen Jesus perform miracles before but this was the first time that the bible recounts the disciples worshiping him.   It was the whole hearted internal response with awe and reverence at what they had just witnessed.
Worship is the natural outflow of a mind filled with and renewed by God's truth.  It was never intended to be boring, formal, and cold.  Worship should be personal, a celebration of what God is doing in our lives.
Worship can be an act, spoken words, or songs, in praise and adoration to the Almighty GOD.  We honor GOD when we worship him with our whole heart and spirit.  Worship has a way of magnifying who God is in our life which is why worship is never passive.  Worship requires action; it is not a spectator sport.

Do you passively approach worship? Remember what GOD has blessed you and shown you his love and praise him for it.    

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