Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Song In Your Heart

Today’s devotional in the Love Expressed series is about focusing your attention on GOD.
Our default consciousness focuses on the things of this world, its joys and its sorrows.  Indeed we often become so immersed in this life, in our marriages, our families, our jobs, in entertainment, in sports and in our daily concerns that we don't seem all to have God as center of our conscious attention for any significant portion of their our lives.
If you are going to experience the presence of God, then you must give Him your undivided attention. You must throw off everything that hinders and entangling sin. You must devote your best energies toward accomplishing GOD’s purposes.
Focus your attention and affection GOD.  Surround yourself with reminders of His love and truth by listening to music that speaks of God’s goodness.  Keep a prayer journal and track God’s movement in your life.
How is God getting your attention? What is the One Thing you're doing to listen for His still, small voice?  He calls you to live intentionally today.

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