Friday, March 26, 2010

I'm On Glenn Beck

I didn't even know I was a commie. Actually I didn't vote for Obama but this is my one chance to make it to the Glenn Beck chalkboard.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Sad Death of Annabelle Lotus

I will admit it. I am old and I just don't get the whole "Juggalo" thing. Then again my parents would have never understood why anyone would be an Ozzy fan. That's fair.

I do not understand how a song like "Prom Queen", in which a guy kills a girl and takes her to his basement to have his own personal "prom" with the dead girl could actually have fans.

It's also fair to say that these people are probably not representative of all Juggalos. I think that this story really captured my attention because you have a young couple that lost their daughter and they are focusing on the Juggalo stuff she never received. She goes on a 7 minute rant taking advantage of her baby's death to complain about how she hasn't gotten any free merchandise from Psychopathic Records.

It's my understanding that the woman did drugs the whole time she was pregnant and then she's surprised the baby died. I am more surprised when babies like that actually live. The mother blamed the hospital for the death of her child but when she was six months pregnant she bragged in a video about doing Xanax and beer.

Instead of worrying about the FREE ICP stuff it might have been better for Julie and her man to check out some grief counseling.

I checked out many sites alternately defending them because people are judging this couple and people reviling them. I think that the person who gets lost in all this is Annabelle Lotus.

How different would her life have been if her mother had received good prenatal care. What if her Mom had gotten off drugs would she have lived? Don't be confused this is not a Juggalo or ICP put-down there may well be people who do not do drugs and just LOVE them some ICP.