Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Two Mummified Bodies Found In Wyalusing Home

This story needs to be filed under the category of What Was She Thinking!

State police to searched the home of 91-year-old Jean Stevens of Wyalusing, who lives on township Route 472, as well as other buildings on her property.

Two case workers with the Area Agency on Aging, Marlea Hoyt and Marcella Yasharian, had told the state police on Tuesday that Stevens has two bodies in her home, according to an affidavit of probable cause that was filed by the state police with their application for the search warrant.

The case workers said that one of the bodies is Stevens' late husband, Jimmy Stevens, and the other is Jean Stevens' twin sister, June, according to the affidavit.

Jean Stevens showed Yasharian June's body and told Yasharian that Jimmy Stevens' body "is rolled up in a rug on the premises," according to the state police's affidavit, which was signed by Cpl. Al Ogden of the state police at Towanda.

Stevens said that she had, with the help of others, disinterred Jimmy Stevens' body from a cemetery years ago and had disinterred June's body from its grave on the property shortly after burial, according to a statement made by Yasharian to the state police, which was quoted in the state police's affidavit.

Interestingly enough, one of the social workers told state police that Stevens "is in control of her mental faculties. (How is that exactly?)

State police have said the remains were "mummified" but have declined to elaborate.

Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the state police at (570) 265-2186

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's All Closing In For Terri Horman

As you know, Kaine Horman has filed for a divorce from Terri on Monday. You can read the divorce papers for Terri and Kane here.

He also filed for a restraining order and you can read the cover letter of the restraining order here. A judge said he was concerned that releasing the entire document could jeopardize the investigation into the disappearance of Kyr

The step mom has 30 days to notify the court to request a hearing contesting the restraining order, and a hearing would have to be scheduled within 5 days of her notice.

The friend said Terri may consider talking publicly and airing her side of the story.

“She’s been doing what Kaine said all along and he’s been telling her to stay quiet. The public will benefit from hearing what she has to say.

Finally, what of the a 911 call that was placed from the Horman's home at 5:46 p.m., regarding "threats" at the property last Saturday? Who called 911 and why?

I think what the public really want is to find Kyron, preferably alive.

TIP LINE: (503) 261-2847

Go Grandpa Go

Don't you just want to pinch his cheeks? He'd better re-up his Viagra prescription because he's got quite a following.

Kyron Horman's Stepmother Served With Restraining Order & Divorce Papers

There is a new wrinkle in the case of Kyron Horman. According to sources Kyron Horman's stepmother was served with a restraining order and a petition for dissolution of marriage about 6 p.m. Monday.

Terri Moulton Horman seems to reside in an altered reality because she has publicly denied that her husband, Kaine Horman, and 18-month-old daughter, Kiara, had moved out.

She wanted people to know that "Everything's good!" "Everything's fine!"

I'm sorry, the boy that you raised as your own has been missing for almost a month and EVERYTHING is GOOD? Just how can that be.

Even her own father said that the possibility that Terri Homan will be arrested is 50-50.

The dissolution petition filed by Kaine Horman in Multnomah County Circuit Court listed his representative as Laura Rackner, a family law attorney with Gearing, Rackner & Engel in Portland.

In a statement released Monday afternoon through the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office, Kyron's biological mother, Desiree Young, his stepfather, Tony Young, and Kaine Horman said they don't want to say too much to the media to keep the integrity of the investigation sound.

"We are in complete support of that investigation," the statement said. "Any actions taken by the investigation, or by us, are based on the best interests of Kyron and Kiara and comply with the law. Beyond this, we have no comment on the matter."

The statement was not signed by Terri Horman.

Please if you know something about the disappearance of Kyron contact the Sheriff’s office located at 12240 NE Glisan in Portland or tip line at 503-261-2847.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Meliek Simmons - Update Child Found

Meliek Simmons was found with his uncle during a traffic stop on Old Winter Garden Road and Silverton Street.

His uncle has been arrested after investigators said he took his 3-year-old nephew to buy crack cocaine.

According to the arrest report, Reed admitted to smoking the crack cocaine behind the lifted hood of the car so Meliek would not witness him getting high.

At the time of Reed's arrest, an officer noted that Meliek appeared to be dirty and smelled of urine but did not appear to have any visible injuries.

Senator Robert Byrd - Died at 92

Like lots of students I was pretty ambivalent about the whole graduation ceremony. If you asked me I would have rather just dropped by office to pick up my degree and be done with it. Certainly I could have chosen to do just that. The thing is, graduation ceremonies, like funerals, are really more for family and friends then they are about you. It's about public acknowledgement for your accomplishments.

The year I graduated from a small college in West Virginia, I had no clue who was going to be speaking at our commencement. Instead I wrestled over showing up and trying to resist the pressure from friends and family who insisted that they felt they deserved watching me do the march because they had been supportive of me. What tipped my hand was the promise of a very nice dinner and my the idea that it would set a good example for my sons.

It wasn't until I showed up for the line-up that I bothered asking who was going to be speaking. I honestly hadn't cared I just hoped he wouldn't ramble on and on.

When I found out that it was Robert Byrd I almost walked out. While many of the native West Virginians were excited I had no desire to hear the former Klansman and staunch segregationist speak at our commencement. How in the world could a former Klansman continue to play such a big part in a party that claimed they cared about African-Americans I never understood.

Yet Byrd apologists would say that it was a youthful mistake or the Klan wasn't the same back then. Gee, I wonder if Sara Palin had belonged to the Klan when she was younger would there ever be that open forgiveness? I find it interesting that the articles that mention his Klan involvement limit its mention to a single sentence.

As a matter of fact in a March 4, 2001 interview with Tony Snow, Byrd said of race relations:

“ They're much, much better than they've ever been in my lifetime... I think we talk about race too much. I think those problems are largely behind us... I just think we talk so much about it that we help to create somewhat of an illusion. I think we try to have good will. My old mom told me, 'Robert, you can't go to heaven if you hate anybody.' We practice that. There are white niggers. I've seen a lot of white niggers in my time, if you want to use that word. We just need to work together to make our country a better country, and I'd just as soon quit talking about it so much.

Byrd said that his views changed dramatically after his teenage grandson was killed in a 1982 traffic accident, which put him in a deep emotional valley. "The death of my grandson caused me to stop and think," said Byrd, adding he came to realize that black people love their children as much as he does his. (Wow talk about an epiphany!)

I was in the queue and guests had driven a distance to be there. I did the march and sat waiting for my name to be called.

Byrd's speech rambled a bit and at one point he proclaimed that we OWED the state of West Virginia for our education and we could help repay that debt by working in West Virginia, and becoming a West Virginia taxpayer.

I wasn't quite sure how I owed West Virginia ANYTHING. I was not a citizen of West Virginia. I paid out of state tuition and received no scholarship money despite maintaining a GPA of 3.65. I had no interest in staying there. I wanted to move back to the DC area.

Byrd was known for the Prince of Bacon bringing home lots of money for West Virginia. Take a look around West Virginia and you'll more than 30 public works named after him. Much of the money for those projects came from federal money.

Sen. Byrd has set a new standard for taxpayer-funded narcissism by convincing the West Virginia Legislature to erect a statue of himself in the state Capitol. The statue's completion violates state law prohibiting statues of government officials until they have been dead for half a century.

He personally filibustered the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for 14 hours and opposed the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

He strongly opposed Clinton's 1993 efforts to allow gays to serve in the military and has also supported efforts to limit gay marriage, in 1996 before with the pending passage of the Defense of Marriage Act he said The drive for same-sex marriage, is, in effect, an effort to make a sneak attack on society by encoding this aberrant behavior in legal form before society itself has decided it should be legal...Let us defend the oldest institution, the institution of marriage between male and female as set forth in the Holy Bible. (Again, imagine how the media will treat Republicans who hold these views think Strom Thurman)

History will judge the longest serving US Senator. Byrd was elected in 1952 and cast 18,000 votes during career. He was obviously loved by many of the people in West Virginia and his shoes will be difficult to fill.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Please help Find Meliek Jay Simmons

Please help find three-year-old Meliek Jay Simmons.

Orlando police are looking for 3-year-old Meliek Jay Simmons, who was last seen with his uncle Calvin Reed Sr. on Saturday. Reed drives a 1996 tan Sierra Oldsmobile with Florida tag W461PK.

They were last seen leaving their residence at 4200 Cynthia St. in Orlando around noon Saturday.

Police said Reed has taken Meliek with him in the past, but they have never been gone for this long.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call the Orlando Police Department at 321-235-5300.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Peggy West Gives Her Input On The New Arizona Law

Not only do critics of the new Arizona law NOT read the Bill, some do not even have a clue where Arizona is on a map.

Find out if you are as smart as a fifth grader and play this FUN Identify the State game.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Kyron Horman's Parents Speak Out

Kyron's Dad and Mom were on Fox News this morning. Dad was asked if his wife, (Step-Mom)took two lie detector tests. He neither denied nor acknowledged, saying simply that she was cooperating with authorities. I also found his response to the question, "Did people even see your son come into the school?" very interesting. What does "We're not discussing that mean exactly?

The video also goes into why no Amber Alert was issued.

They have released videos of Kyron. I think videos are more helpful because you can see characteristics and quirks of an individual.

Please if you know something about the disappearance of Kyron contact the Sheriff’s office located at 12240 NE Glisan in Portland or tip line at 503-261-2847.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kyron Is Still Missing But Is The Public Losing Interest?

There is a shelf-life for any story and then that story is buried.

I remember when my youngest son was a baby and a friend told me that her cousin's baby was just taken from a local hospital in DC. The child was an infant and had been taken to the hospital because he was having difficulty breathing. The mother went to the hospital where the baby was stabilized and was going to be kept overnight for observation.

The mother slept in the room with the baby and some time in the early morning a "nurse" came in for her son saying she needed to take the baby for some tests.

Half awake and in a hospital setting the mother mumbled OK and drifted back to sleep. When she woke up the baby still wasn't back in his hospital crib. She ran out into the hall to ask a nurse where her baby was.

The nurse accompanied her back to the room to check the chart and noticed that no notation had been made. The nurse went to the nurses station and that began the search for her infant son.

This happened about 25 years ago so hospitals did not have cameras. Reports of babies being stolen from hospitals were virtually unheard of. Photos of the baby hit the news. Pleas emphasizing that the baby had been sick and needed medication were all over the news.

I remember telling my friend three weeks later that I was certain that they would find her nephew but in my heart I was certain that the the "magic window" for finding her nephew was probably closed.

The story of the disappearance eventually was knocked off the front page and most people either forgot about the missing baby or figured that the child was found.

My friend and I both had sons not much older than this missing baby and we couldn't help but eye strangers suspiciously when they would approach our babies to say how cute they were.

Then about three months later a fire broke out in one of the condemned project apartments in SE DC a few miles away from the hospital. Squatters were living in these condemned buildings which lacked running water and electricity.

One of the firemen noticed an African American woman who had walked her baby over to watch the action. The fireman commented on her baby and she said that it was her son. Interestingly enough her son was white and had blond hair and blue eyes. Something just didn't feel right about the whole thing and he noticed that she went back into one of the condemned buildings.

He reported it to the cops who went to pay a visit. What they found would have sickened anyone. The toilets and the bathtub was filled with human waste. Dirty diapers were all over and so were roaches. The baby? It was the baby who was stolen from the hospital.

While Kyron's story grabbed the headlines the story seems to be losing traction in the news. I read where a sign hanging from an overpass was being taken down.

This does not mean that the police have forgotten but eventually the media moves on to talk about stories like Al Gore being a "Crazed Sex Poodle" because sex sells.

It is the family who must try to keep the story alive. Each time the story is put forward in the media law enforcement receives tips. Some of these tips may be THE tip needed to bring Kyron home.

I know some people are frustrated by the police not releasing more information. This make sense because if the police released everything because there are somethings that are only known by a credible witness or a perpetrator.

It's very frustrating to the public but this is extremely important. Please if you know something about the disappearance of Kyron contact the Sheriff’s office located at 12240 NE Glisan in Portland or tip line at 503-261-2847.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Where Is The Love?

As Bob Dylan once sang, “The Times They Are A Changing.” Not long ago parents had their kids singing about how Obama was gonna spread happinesss and it honestly seemed as though the love fest would never end. His sycophants were virtually praising his every move.

But I forgot the refrain from another 60’s song that said “What goes up, must come down” and Obama’s stock seems to be falling.

It was one thing to watch John Stewart begin to point out that Obama was not all that he was cracked up to be. John’s a comedian and it’s his job to poke fun at politicians. Sadly he forgot that and spent his time letting us know that he believes that Sarah Palin is the dumbest person ever. Lately though he’s been pointing out Obama’s short comings and gasp….he’s not the only one.

Last week we saw Keith Olbermann leaving the Daily Kos because he was attacked there for mildly criticizing Barack Obama. Actually Keith was a little taken aback by the attack.

Now comes another left leaning site has begun tombstoning posters who do not follow a lengthy set of rules for posting on the site cautioning members not to tell people to shut up. This is because of a current wave of dissent from who are expressing dissatisfaction with Obama's poor performance as president.

They are disappointed because they see Obama as a president who ran on a message of change, hope and frankness is looking more and more like just another goddamn politician faking the appearance of mastery.

Name-calling against prominent Democrats. Calling Barack Obama "Barry" or some other name. I suppose calling him Barak Hussein Obama would be just over the top.

You can Broadly suggesting that there is no difference between Barack Obama and George W. Bush, or that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans. You are not allowed to suggest that President Obama has perpetrated a "con job" or "fraud," or similarly over-the-top assertions of bad faith.

I hear another song coming on, que Earth, Wind, and Fire.
“And oh After the love is gone.
How could you lead me on
And not let me stay around
Oh Oh Oh after the love has gone
What used to be right is wrong
Can love that’s lost be found."

Garofalo: Obama’s Use of Prayer ‘Anti-Intellectual’

or maybe Garofalo just "hates a black man" in the White House because he mentions prayer and says that he is a Christian. I mean he did say he was a Christian didn't he? Does that make him stupid Ms. Garofalo? Perhaps he's just a liar and someone who panders to stupid people. Which is it?

Meanwhile, what did the White House have to ssay about Obama's fun filled weekend?

It appears that when asked about Obama's day Saturday, in particular his four hour golf game at a course near Washington, Burton said the president had the right to decompress a bit after a hard week.

"I don't think that there's a person in this country that doesn't think that their president ought to have a little time to clear his mind," Burton said.

"I think that a little time to himself on Father's Day weekend probably does us all good as American citizens," he said.

Wonder if the same would have been said had this been a Republican President?

On the other hand I'm just certain that Obama is focused like a laser beam on the oil spill in the Gulf.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Meanwhile Back At The Oil Spill

While the residents of the Gulf Coast deal with the spill in the Gulf, BP CEO Tony Hayward, decided to go sailing. It's so nice to have "your life back" isn't it Tony? Since you love to sail, perhaps you could head on over to the Gulf, and stop the flow of oil. The "small people" sure could use your help.

Another person who seems to have his life back is Obama. Obama attended the Washington Nationals game Friday night wearing a cap for his hometown Chicago White Sox. Sources told the pool reporter that Obama sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” and left in the ninth inning, before the White Sox edged out the Nationals 2-1 in the 11th.

Does that mean you plugged the hole daddy?

The White House pool report noted that Obama left at about 1 p.m. for the course at Andrews Air Force base, and his golfing partners included White House Trip Director Marvin Nicholson and David Katz, the energy efficiency campaign manager at the Department of Energy.

Obama left the course shortly before 6 p.m.

Maybe he left early so he could clean up the Gulf.

Do you have the audacity to HOPE that Obama could lay off the golf, the baseball and the FANCY DANCY parties?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Angry Mother Deer Dttacks Cat And Dog

Would you protect your child if she/he were in danger? Would you react in a violent manner if you thought your child was in mortal danger?

It is my understanding that the dog is doing fine.

Warning this video is graphic.

Is Kyron's Step-Mother The Prime Suspect?

When I first heard the Kyron story I wondered,"Did his step-mother have something to do with this?" Did it seem odd that she took a photo of him at school just moments before he allegedly disappeared or was this a very tragic twist of fate?

I didn't want to rush to conclusions and so I decided to see what I could learb about her. As you know she had a Masters in Early Childhood Education, had subbed at the school on previous occassions, and had helped raise Kyron since he was a baby.

Did this seem like the portrait of a "mother" who could kill? What exactly is the portait of a mother who can kill?

I focused on the fact that there were no cameras in the shool to monitor what goes on in the building as well as the fact that the school never made a phone call about the child not showing up to class. Many schools have automated programs that do just that.

So many strangers in the building because of the science fair would it be right for me to come after the Stepmom. I felt that it was strange that they changed this missing person case to a criminal case so quickly.

Here are the questions that inquiring minds want to know:

* Was it the fact that Police discovered that someone saw Kyron at 9AM. If so the police are refusing to say who that person was, where this took place, and what the circumstances were.

*Why did no one notice Kyron's backback left at school? Why didn't the stepmom plan to attend the talent show Kyron was supposed to be in that afternoon?

* Why did the Step-Mom post on her facebook that she wold be going to the gym shortly after reporting Kyron missing?

* What is the story behind the "picnic" that Step-mom apparently had at Sauvie Island that afternoon Kyron disappeared?

* Did Terri Horman lie to the police about her whereabouts on the morning her stepson vanished?

* Did Terri Horman tell a teacher that she was taking Kyron to the doctor on Friday, June 11? (the day of the disappearance?)

Terri Horman is scheduled to take a second polygraph test in the disappearance of 7-year-old Kyron. What information will this produce and will it help to find Kyron.

Individuals with information concerning this case should take no action themselves, but instead immediately contact the local tip line at 503/261-2847, the nearest FBI Office or local law enforcement agency. For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Respect My Authoritah
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

Where's the love for the anointed one? What happened to Obama's gonna change the world? Is the roller coaster ride you took really at an end? Is that respect my authoritah icon a tad racist? Maybe all that divine intervenention will help.

Day 58 - The Strife Aquatic
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

May The Force Bear With You

With rising unemployment, rising debt, and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, we could all use a little laugh.

Of course, nothing says funny like bears and light sabers.

Feel free to laugh

I'm Glad Obama Was Able To Clear His Calendar

Obama says he was there from Day One. Don't you find it interesting that the Dems are not saying that the information in this video is wrong? Instead they are speaking about how wrong it was to politicize this tragedy.

I'm sorry, does anyone remember Katrina? I mean is Spike Lee going to come out with a new movie saying Obama doesn't like pelicans? Where is Al Gore? Can he get out of your mistress' bed and save the world from global warming?

Oh and by the way where are those troops you promised to send to the border President Obama? I realize it's been a month now and you are awful busy.

This Is Obama's Oil Spill

Did you hear that? After over 30 days of this incompetence a liberal actually lets Obama know this is "HIS Oil Spill".

Of course it was Bush's Hurricane from day one. It didn't matter that the city of New Orleans refused to make evacuation mandatory. It didn't matter that the city refused to use buses to help evacuate the city as the hurricane headed their way. It didn't matter that the city's OWN plan was to head on over to the Louisiana Superdome was the city's refuge of last resort for 14,000 unable to evacuate New Orleans until Sunday 9:30AM. That's actually because it was New Orleans plan (1998) A for what to do in an emergency. Did make mistakes? ABSOLUTELY and we heard it over and over and over again.

It took 51 days before there was a hint of dissension on the left towards Obama.

Al Gore where are you? What about the polar bears Al?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Search For Kyron Horman Has Intensified.

The Multnomah County Sheriff`have intensified the search for Kyron on Sauvie Island, which is a six-mile drive from Skyline school. This is interesting because recently the police had announced that they were scaling back the search for Kyron.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is seeking video of traffic on 15 Portland roads taken June 3 and June 4, the day Kyron Horman disappeared. Call the search tip line and leave your contact information and the location or street address where you took the footage. The streets: Northwest Cornelius Pass Road, Northwest Germantown Road, Northwest Logie Trail Road, Northwest Rocky Point Road, Northwest Skyline Road, Northwest 185th Avenue, Northwest West Union Road, Northwest Springville Road, Bethany Boulevard, Northwest Newberry Road, Northwest McNamee Road, U.S. 30 between Northwest Rocky Point Road to Northwest Germantown Road, Northwest Kaiser Road, Northwest Thompson Road, Northwest Laidlaw Road.

In the mean time, about 400 people attended a Tuesday evening vigil of hope for the little boy at a Portland church.

Gates urged the public to “be resolute as a community,” continue to send in tips that might help find Kyron.

The sheriff’s office is offering a $25,000 reward for information that leads investigators to Kyron.

Individuals with information concerning this case should take no action themselves, but instead immediately contact the local tip line at 503/261-2847, the nearest FBI Office or local law enforcement agency. For any possible sighting outside the United States, contact the nearest United States Embassy or Consulate.

"I Don't Sense Executive Command..."

Is the thrill gone Chris? Are you no longer feeling it run up your leg? What is that Chris, you're tired of hearing about the Nobel Peace Prize winner on the commission? Are you tired of hearing it's George Bush's fault too?

Remember when Chris Matthews said on air after Obama won the election that "I see my job as a journalist as doing everything I can to make the Obama presidency a success". You're not doing your job as a journalist are you Chris. I mean look how you worked endlessly to make Bush's presidency a success and now..,sorry my bad your job is only to make OBAMA's presidency a success. Well work harder man!!!!

Perhaps, to turn a phrase from Janeane Garofalo, this is about hating the black man in the White House. This is racism straight up and is nothing but a bunch of teabagging rednecks. There is no way around that." Their synapses are misfiring. ... It is a neurological problem we are dealing with,"

I doubt that we will be hearing that from Ms. Garofalo when it comes to commenting about Chris Matthews.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Enter To WIN Souplantation Dining Passes From TicTacDough

I just LOVE Souplantations and I was so excited to see that they were giving away Souplantation dining passes on TicTacDough.

Hurry because this giveaway ends Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @ noon PT.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Win Dad A $60 Dunkin Donut Gift Card

Mom Buzz gave me a great GIFT idea for Father’s Day! Ths year I'm thinking about giving Dad a Father’s Day themed gift card on June 20th. These Father’s Day gift cards are available at participating Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide and at in any amount between $10 and $200.

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Win Your Choice Of Cake From Bake Me A Wish

There are two reasons you should head on over to She Scribes right away. The first is to watch She Scribe's hubby get a cake in the face. He was such a good sport but don't take my word for it.

The second reason for heading on over to She Scribes is to WIN a Choice of cake from Bake Me A Wish.

While I was reading She Scribes, I learned that Bake Me a Wish is having a contest where people can share their "Cake in the Face" moments for a chance to win your choice of cake from the Bake Me a Wish website. All you need to do is upload your video on YouTube and share it on the Bake Me a Wish Facebook Fan page, or e-mail it to them directly from their e-mail web form, The first 10 people who submit a video will get a free cake of their choice. Their gourmet cakes range in price from $19.99 to $39.95

So hurry over to She Scribes right now and enter.

When A Congressman Attacks

This video seems to beg a number of questions:

1. Am I not allowed to question a Congressman?
2. Where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to know who I am or what college I am attending simply because I ask you a question?
3. Do you support the Obama agenda?
4. Are Congressmen allowed to assault citizens?
4. Isn't it funny that on the Washington Post online that they chose to embed the video from the camera of the young man who was grabbed? You can still hear the conversation but not see the grabbing. (Can we say bias?)

Today Etheridge gives a "heartfelt" apology. He talks about having been spat at in the past, he's tired of the partisanship, and he also had a hard day, Poor baby.

Investigation for Oregon Boy Now Criminal

Kyron Hormon is still missing. I find it very interesting that they have already changed the status of the case. It's not unusual to scale back the search after a certain period of time has passed but I don't remember the status of a case changing so quickly.

Could it be that they have already narrowed in on a suspect?

Please help! Anyone with information on Kyron's whereabouts is urged to call the Multhnomah County Sheriff's Office tip line at (503)-261-2847

BP Coffee Spill

While there is certainly nothing funny about the massive oil spill in the Gulf, this video captures the bumbling mess that is the clean-up.

Pushing aside Obama's promise to find out who is responsible and kick their ass,

as well as his assertion that he cannot suck it up with a straw,

I want you to know he's right on top of things. That is why he was playing golf on Andrews AFB yesterday. Don't get me wrong. President Barack Obama suffered and felt your pain as he spent four hours on the golf course Sunday in temperatures that peaked in the low 90s. The poor guy didn't even get to finish his ame. The White House pool reported that they left Andrews Air Force Base as it started to rain after 4 p.m,

The president leaves today for his fourth trip to the Gulf Coast since the BP oil spill began nearly two months ago. On the trip, the President will visit Gulfport, Miss., Theodore, Ala., and Pensacola, Fla., to survey the response efforts, visit with Gulf residents impacted by the spill and meet with area officials.

Perhaps he's trying to figure out how to plug the damn hole with new "golf ball technology".

Friday, June 11, 2010

Ayers' Plan For American Re-education Camps

I realize that Obama tries to duck his association with Bill Ayers and who can blame him. If one of my friends suggested the need to kill millions, I would quickly disassociate myself from that person. I would not serve on any boards with that person. As a matter of fact if that person was serving on a board, I would question the board's judgement.

The whole re-education camps and killing people sounds very "Mansion-esque". You may remember that old Charlie Manson felt that there would be a race war and he would wind up in charge. (This is because HE felt that blacks were not smart enough to govern themselves.) This plan also required some "killin'".

I suppose in this context Charlie was more adept to the cause because he and his followers killed more people than Ayer's and the Weather Underground. They did do some bombings and attempted to kill some of those evil capitalist pigs. Isn't it funny that both Manson and Ayers feel they didn't do enough and they should have done more?

I also guess because Ayer's was an intellectual some people give Ayer's a pass but Charlie was not educated and he will pay for that with his life. Charlie is in jail (thank God) and Ayer's is teaching college. Guess Al Gore is right. There really ARE two Americas.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tea Party Member Attacked

Oh Gosh look at that violent tea party punching that poor person in the face just for exercising their right to freedom of speech.

Oh wait, scratch that, the man doing the punching was actually NOT a tea party member.

Ah liberals, they continually prove they represent the party of "Peace."

I read recently that cameras are the new weapon because you have all your evidence going in to the case. Amazingly enough the instigator is planning to sue the victim.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bake Me A Wish Giveaway On Bookroom Reviews

I was reading the Bookroom Reviews Blog and learned that she is giving away a cake from the people at Bake Me A Wish.

They offer a yummy variety of cakes to choose from like Chocolate Truffle Lava, Tiramisu Classico, Boston Cream Pie and much more. They also supply Freedom cakes to soldiers serving overseas and partner with Soldiers Angels to send free cakes to the soldiers every month.

You could WIN your choice of cake from Bake Me a Wish. You have to hurry though because this giveaway ends Monday, June 14, 2010 @ midnight ET

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pandora Zan And Her Son Are Charged With Murder

I came across this case on the internet and once again I am lost as to why a parent would drag their child into their criminal behavior.

Pandora Zan (45) and her son Cody Hendersonare charged with murdering Pandora's husband, Charles Zan II (45).

The Miamisburg woman was arrested on allegations of forgery and money laundering. he allegedly passed fraudulent $50 bills. Charles Zan, a former state prison guard at Warren Correctional Institution in Lebanon, was stabbed more than 40 times in his bed in the couple’s apartment.

She was later indicted on three counts of complicity to commit aggravated murder, two counts of complicity to commit aggravated robbery, two counts of tampering with evidence and one count of obstructing justice. If convicted, she could face life without parole.

Public records show the Zans lived in turmoil for much of their seven-year marriage, facing home foreclosure, bankruptcies and separations. On her personal Web site,, Pandora Zan said her mental health problems were to blame for most of their troubles.

Cody Wayne Henderson, 19,was arrested for the Oct. 17 early morning stabbing death of his stepfather, Charles S. Zan II, 45, of Miamisburg.

Not to paint all Juggalos with a broad brush but on Cody's webiste he claims to be a Juggalo 4 Life.

According to her blog she was with her husband Charles for seven years and has a 21 year old daughter and a 19 year old son as well as 2 step-sons aged 18 and 22. She was also approved for disability because of the bipolar, depression, and fibromyalgia.

It seems that she has a long history of mental illness and that she had attempted to get help but she admits that when she began to feel normal she would stop taking her meds. This actually is not unusual for the mentally ill.

The question is, how do you approach your son and say, look I want you to help me kill your step-dad. Does it help smooth things over when Mom offers to pay you for killing your step-dad? How does a son say, "Sure Mom. I'll kill him." How do you stab someone 40 times while sleeping in his own bed?

I just don't understand.

Please Help Find Kyron Horman

Kyron Horman arrived early at his Portland, Oregon elementary school Friday morning for a science fair. At 8:45, his stepmother, Terri Moulton Horman, watched him walk down the hall, headed for his second-grade classroom.

But he didn't return home on the bus that afternoon. School Superintendent Carole Smith won't say if he missed any classes that day, so we're not sure if Kyron disappeared sometime during school, or sometime after classes let out. Either way, he hasn't been seen since Friday.

Police called 200 children to the school on Sunday, hoping for tips that might lead to Kyron's discovery. So far, there appears to be nothing.

The sheriff isn't calling the case a kidnapping, but we're not sure if he's just playing it close to the vest, or if he has evidence that he isn't talking about. The picture above shows Kyron on front of his science project on the red-eyed tree frog.
Kyron never made it to his class that morning, and no one saw him after his stepmom left him after the science fair. We'll keep you posted.

I find that very interesting. As a teacher we are told over and over and over about how important it is to take attendance each and every day. As a high school teacher, we must take attendance each and every class period. You're classroom attendance records must be meticulous because a child's attendance can be called into court hearings.

Many school districts, and I understand that this includes the one that Kryon attended, have automated calls that go out to parents when their child is not present. According to one story I read no such phone call went out to the parents. The school may be sued because the parent was not contacted.

Is this a case of abduction? We have photographic proof that the child arrived with the step-parent but did he remain in school? This is one of the reasons I love having cameras in the hall because you would be able to review the tape to see when Kyron left the building and with whom he left the building. Time and time again I hear parents and students arguing that these cameras are a sign of Nazi Germany but wouldn't you wish for these cameras if this was your child.

I now I mentioned this before but the school where I did my student teaching had an incident like this happen. This was years ago pre internet and school cameras. It happened the year before I arrived.

A little girl was abducted from the hall by a man who was dressed in Dickies work clothes. A teacher had spotted him earlier and the man said he was there to fix the clocks at the school. Then when the hall was clear he grabbed a girl who was on her way to the bathroom. They found her little naked body in an apple orchard that bordered the school.

In that case the teacher was upset that the girl was taking so long and then sent another little girl after her. The second little girl said she wasn't in the bathroom. This made the teacher angry and she sent a note to the principal to see if he could find where she was hiding. After a search of the school the parents were called. The police were then called.

So you really can't convince me that having cameras in our schools are a bad thing.

In this case I have a very bad feeling this case.

I did a google search on the Step-Mom. She graduated from Pacific University in 2005with a Master of Art Education, MAE Education. She's been with Kyron since he was an infant and she's been an elementary school teacher, a substitute teacher, and lately a stay at home Mom.

Anyone with information on Kyron's whereabouts is urged to call the Multhnomah County Sheriff's Office tip line at (503)-261-2847

When Code Pink Attacks

It's kind of hard to hear what is being said by the audience member because of all the yelling but you can make out

We supported Obama, we supported you, now 21 states are begging for money to help us save the community," a woman screamed at Pelosi.

"You have made your point," Pelosi said in an attempt to quiet the protesters.

An aide informed her that they are "throwing stuff."

Wonder if she still feels that dissent is patriotic and that protests are patriotic. Does that include those that involve throwing things?

When handfuls of Code Pink ladies disrupted congressional hearings or speeches by Bush administration officials, it was taken as evidence that the administration's policies were unpopular, and that the thinking parts of the populace were rising up in true democratic fashion.

Just curious Nancy, when Code Pink disrupts your meeting and throw things are they rising up against you and your administration? Is this evidence that the administrations policies are unpopular?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

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Now interestingly enough, I had heard a rumor about Sweepsheet being up for sale months before Patti bought it. I mentioned the "controversy" amongst sweepers and hubby got this bright idea that we should try to buy it ourselves. He sat there trying to figure out how much we could make and how it would work but I told him that I absolutely did not have the time necessary to making this work.

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