Monday, April 28, 2014

Second Glance

Who knew that Grand Prairie had so many desperate men.  Today after Darryl and I had loaded the groceries into the car, I walked the buggy to one of the stalls located in the parking lot.  I came back to the car and the first words out of Darryl's mouth were, "That guy was checking you out." 

I laughed a little.  After all I am 54 years old.  Let's face it NO ONE gives women of my age admiring glances from admiring glances from the opposite sex.  Needless to say the fact that my husband said some man swiveled his head to watch me go by took me by surprise.  I kind of wondered if I had toilet paper dragging behind my shoe or my clothes were on inside out.

Then I remembered the guy at Kroger who was so anxious to help me find my car in the parking lot.  He even drove his car over to me after he finished loading his vehicle to ask me if I'd found it.  I had indeed found it so I laughed and said, "Thank you for being so nice to try to help an old lady find her car."  His whole face lit up  he smiled.  "Oh you're not old at all." he said.

I didn't tell Darryl about this because I considered it a fluke.  Now after today's incident, I wonder if that means that all this working out has actually done some good and perhaps I'm not as invisible as I might. believe.