Saturday, August 30, 2008

Are George & Cindy Covering Up For Casey?

Are George and Cindy covering up for Casey? Why did George report stolen gas cans that were in fact still on the property? Is the stain in the car a blood stain?

The fact that the cadavar dogs alerted doesn't bode well for Caylee. Where is Caylee?

If you have any information on the whereabouts or well-being of Caylee Marie Anthony since June 9, 2008 to the current day please do not hesitate to contact the phone numbers below:

Orange County Missing Persons Unit
407-836-HELP (4357)

Detective Yuri Melich
office 407.254.7000 (ext. 70633)

Crimeline: 1-800-423-TIPS (8477)

Anthony Family Residence 407.275.4909
Cindy Anthony(grandmother) 407.808.4731
George Anthony(grandfather) 407.403.3564
Lee Anthony(uncle) 407.808.5132
Casey Anthony(mother) 407.619.9286

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Casey Anthony Is Rearrested

Casey Anthony is back in law enforcement custody. She was arrested for Fraud, uttering a forgery and Petit Theft due to her writing checks from Amy H. account.

She was arrested Friday night just after 8:30 pm from her parent’s home in and placed in an unmarked Sheriffs Office car while protestors outside the home cheered .

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Casey Anthony Is Released From The Orange County Jail

Casey Anthony was released late this morning after a $500,200 bond was posted by high-profile, California bounty hunter Leonard Padilla.

Casey has been instructed to go to her parents’ home and plug her electronic monitoring device into her phone, Orange County Corrections spokesman Allen Moore said.

Casey is restricted to living in her family’s home with some exceptions allowed for going to work, church and any pre-approved appointments. A representative of the Padillas will remain with Casey Anthony 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Padillas hope that Casey being out of jail and in more comfortable surroundings will help the search for missing Caylee Anthony. However, Casey Anthony’s attorney Jose Baez says he has instructed the Padillas not to question her about the case and said that Casey knows not to answer any of their questions.

This is such a farse. A child is missing. If her mom really wants to find her why won't she help investigators do just that?

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Casey Anthony's Phone Log

Casey Phone Log 1_25

This is a a detailed record of some of Casey Anthony's calls made before Caylee was reported missing.

According to the leaked records, Casey made six calls to her parents on the afternoon of June 16, with the first call at 3:03pm to her father's cell phone and the last of the six made to her mom's cell phone at 4:24. During that time she also tried her mother at work and called her ex-fiancé, Jesse Grund.

The next day, June 17, neighbors told investigators that Casey borrowed a shovel from them. Then, on June 18, there was another spike in calls to her parents, six in 45 minutes during the early part of the afternoon.

Casey Phone Log 126_151

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday Savings

It’s my birthday. It’s my birthday. Gonna party like it's my birthday. Well maybe not party but it is my birthday.

This of course does not alleviate me from my responsibilities to buy food for the dogs. I took advantage of a great deal Kroger had on Nestle products. When you buy $20 worth of Nestle products you get $5 off. Essentially when you add up the eighteen products I bought it’s about 27 cents off each item. With Alpo discounted from 70 cents went down to 43 cents. I also had coupons for $1 off four cans making the final cost 18 cents per can. I wish I could always pay that for dog food.

Some of the things I bought were FREE already. For example the Mighty Dogs were on sale for 60 cents a piece and I used the two coupons I had for a free can. These were great because they weren’t buy one get ones they were free. On those two cans I came out ahead by 27 cents a can.

I was able to buy one of Darryl’s Hungry Man meals for free too. That was from a contest I had won earlier this year. I’m certain Darryl will be happy to see the free bag of Tortilla chips I got him this time also.

I’m still only paying $1.50 a piece for my Lean Cuisines when you factor in the sale and the coupons. To be honest though I’m just getting a bit tired of frozen meals. On the positive side of the equation I’m certain I’m losing weight.

Before coupons my bill would have been $79.70. After coupons I paid $45.39. I paid with the gift card I won so in actuality my whole bill was free. I’m loving it.