Monday, August 30, 2010

Lynn Turner Dies In Prison

I am often taken aback by people who seem to get away with a murder and then decide that they have committed the perfect murder and it's worth trying again. I suppose the more you do it, the easier it gets. You get emboldened

So it was with Lynn Turner. She was convicted of killing her husband and later her boyfriend with antifreeze.

Turner collected more than $140,000 in insurance benefits and $700 per month in a police pension from her husband's death, and another $36,000 from Thompson's insurance plan, according to earlier court testimony.

Turner was found unresponsive in her cell at Metro State Prison at 6:55 a.m., at which time prison medical staff and EMS responded but were unable to revive her, Department of Corrections officials said.

While foul play was ruled out, an autopsy couldn't provide a cause of death for Lynn Turner.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Man held without bail in NYC cab driver stabbing

NYC taxi driver was stabbed by racist wait, he was stabbed by an honors student at the School for Visual Arts who did volunteer work in Afghanistan. As a matter of fact he had volunteered for Intersections International, a group that promotes interfaith dialogue and has supported a controversial proposed mosque near ground zero.

A criminal complaint alleged that Michael Enright uttered an Arabic greeting and told the victim, "Consider this a checkpoint," before the brutal bias attack occurred Tuesday night inside the yellow cab on Manhattan's East Side. Police say Enright was drunk at the time.

In addition to a serious neck wound, Ahmed H. Sharif suffered cuts to forearms, face and one hand while trying to fend off Enright.

Wonder if the main stream media will make much of this left wing terrorist or if it will even mention that this dispicable act was not done by a member of the tea party.

Before this gets scrubbed from their website I wanted to post what the Intersections website says about their relationship with Michael because it appears that they are already distancing themselves from him:

March 31, 2010 - 10:24am — Scott Thompson

Intersections’ Veteran - Civilian Dialogue has embarked on an ambitious undertaking. In addition to the public dialogues, we are bringing them to the front line in Afghanistan. We are in a collaborative relationship with Mike Enright, a young and aspiring filmmaker with the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in New York City.

Mikes’ life and interest in film, military and doing good came together in his volunteering to assist us in documenting the dialogues and creating a digital library to further the work. The film project entails following a Marine Unit from pre-deployment to the front lines and back, tracking among many things, their need for understanding from the civilian public. Particularly as they re-integrate. Mike began his work with the unit in Hawaii back in December and will spend the next six weeks (April-May) in country. He will then follow them in their homecoming and readjustment to civilian life. In addition to the broader experiences we wanted to know what soldiers need from civilians, both during their service and upon their return. What do they want civilians to understand of their experience? What do they need us to know? How can we better assist them?

Inviting them into our Veteran – Civilian Dialogue with other veterans and civilians is the next step in this process. These dialogues and focus lends a missing piece to healing and reintegration for many, namely providing a safe space for both veterans and civilians to talk about the impact of war upon all. We invite you to join us in these conversations.

quoted from:

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Woman, the Cat and the Trash Can

A middle-aged woman caught on camera dumping a cat into a trash can is being offered police protection as thousands join a Facebook group protesting against her actions.

PCSOs are on duty outside the Mrs Mary Bale's home 'to ensure public order is maintained' after she was filmed stroking the tabby along a suburban street.
The woman - a bank worker from Rugby who has been interviewed by police - is then seen grabbing the cat, called Lola, by the scruff of her neck and throwing her into the green bin before slamming the lid shut.

Lola's owner Stephanie Mann, 24, said: "I can't believe the reaction to the story. I only posted it on Facebook because I wanted to see who she was.

"Whatever she has done, I don't like her, but I don't want her to get hurt."

Mrs Mann and her husband Daryll said they did not expect the reaction that occurred after they posted the footage from outside their home in the Stoke area of Coventry.

The cat, which was trapped for 15 hours, emerged unscathed but the footage posted on social networking site Facebook provoked viewer outrage.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Albert Einstein Once Said:

The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it. Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away.

It still amazes me the number of people who stand firm in their torpidity.

Sadly they fail to realize that having chosen to do nothing they still have made a choice

Friday, August 20, 2010

Missing Pregnant Woman May Have Two Husbands

Police in Massachusetts are investigating the mysterious disappearance of Trudie Hall, a pregnant Nantucket woman who has been missing for almost a month.

According to her former roommate, Trudie Hall was getting paid to marry foreigners so they could obtain U.S. citizenship. She may have wed up to three men at once without divorcing any of them

Police describe Hall, a 23-year-old native of Jamaica, as black, 5 feet, 4 inches tall, weighing 160 pounds with black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen July 27, when she left her Nantucket home for a doctor's appointment scheduled for the next day on Cape Cod. Hall spent the night at Bayside Resort in West Yarmouth, but vanished sometime before her appointment.

Three days later, the 2009 Toyota Avalon rental car Hall was driving was found abandoned in West Barnstable, roughly three miles from the facility where she had scheduled her appointment.

The Cape Cod Times, citing police sources, reported that blood and bullet casings were found inside the vehicle.

Hall had scheduled an appointment with a divorce attorney, but she disappeared two days before the appointment, the newspaper reported. It remains unclear which of the men she was planning to divorce.

Trudie Hall's mother told the news station that another woman had been threatening her daughter because of her pregnancy. "Get rid of the baby or you'll get a gunshot," is one of the threats Walker claims her daughter received.

In yet another twist to the bizarre case, police believe the father of Hall's unborn child is a Centreville, Mass., man named Quiozel Wilson, who also happens to be married to another woman.

The former Marine was once a manager for the Nantucket transit authority before he pleaded guilty in 2009 to stealing $8,000 in fares. Police have already searched Wilson's home for evidence, but are not saying if they've found anything incriminating.

Anyone with information on the case is asked to contact the Barnstable Police Department at 508-771-6237.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Harry Reid Was Against Anchor Babies Before He Was For Them

Let's get this straight, people who wanted to check citizenship in Arizona are wackjobs, evil, and well just plain RACIST!

Funny, just recently I remember that Harry Reid said how he cannot understand "how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican."

Gee Harry, I wonder how anyone of Hispanic heritage could vote for YOU!

Shaquan Duley Confesses to Suffocating Children, Staging Their Accidental Deaths

Twenty-nine-year-old Shaquan Duley now faces two counts of murder for the deaths of 18-month-old Ja'van T. Duley and 2-year-old Devean C. Duley, Orangeburg County Sheriff Larry.

Shaquan Duley suffocated the two children by holding her hand over their mouths at a local motel. She then strapped them into the car seats and drove around until she found a place to get rid of their bodies.

Shaquan may have been suffering from post-partum depression. She may have felt that being a mother of three children was too much for her wanted be free from the responsibilities of Motherhood.

Investigators said Duley was broke, out of work and estranged from the toddlers' father. She and her children -- the two boys and a 5-year-old daughter -- were living with her mother in Orangeburg, about 35 miles south of Columbia. The daughter had been left with her grandmother.

I think about the innocent children and their terror and pain and don't want to imagine the last seconds of their lives. Imourn for the smiles these children will never smile and the dreams they never realized.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Justine Winters Sues Her Victims

Let's try to wrap our head around this insanity and trust me it is insanity.

On March 19 of last year Justine Winter's texts indicated she was threatening suicide as she drove on I-93 between Whitefish and Kalispell, Montana. She had been fighting with her boyfriend and decided that life was no longer worth living.

According to police, she drove head on into a car traveling the other direction at 85 mph. Riding in that other car were Erin Julie Thompson, who was four months pregnant, and her 13-year-old son Caden Vincent Odell. The Thompsons were traveling at just 30 mph.

Detectives later discovered that Justine didn't hit the brakes until one second before impact caused her air bag to deploy, according to the Daily Inter Lake. Caden, Erin and her unborn baby were all killed in the collision.

Miraculously Justine surivived.

As if to grind salt in the open wound of the victim's family Justine is actually suing the estate of the family she killed claiming that Erin (the actual victim) was negligently operating her car as she returned home from a middle school choral concert that night.

The victim was negligent, HOW? After all the victim was in her own lane when Justine hit her at 85 mph!

In her lawsuit, Justine Winter claimed that she "suffered permanent and continuing injuries, along with mental pain and suffering and the loss of capacity to enjoy life

Hey there Justine, do you think that the friends and family of your victims sufered mental pain and suffering and the loss of capacity to enjoy life?

Justine is also suing the three companies that helped build the U.S. 93 overpass, the site of the accident

Am I the only one who thinks that this is akin to a shotter suing the bullet and gun manufacturer as well as his victim?

Want to know more about Justine? Here are some screen shots of her facebook before it got taken down:

Monday, August 16, 2010

Mom Stabbed By Son Over Cheeseburger

Have you ever seen a melt-down of a two-year old who wants candy "NOW"? It can be frightening to witness the furry of such a child at the grocery counter as he screams, and cries, throws things, and contorts his body.

Now imagine a 6'3 300 pound teenager who wants a cheeseburger from Rally's.

Vergie Dean doesn't have to imagine such a scenario because when his Mom did not bring him his cheeseburger he became enraged.

He was like 'Where's my food at?' and I'm like 'I'm not gonna give you anything' so he smacked my sandwich and he pushed me or something and it escalated from there…”

She says her 18-year-old then grabbed and choked her before grabbing a knife.

“He had me in the corner. I took a knife and I stabbed him in his finger. He ran in his room and grabbed a big ole butcher knife. He came back and was like 'You cut me, you cut me.' He was standing right there. He just took the knife and stuck it in my arm."

Vergie blames the outburst on her son’s mental illness. “He’s a paranoid schizophrenic and he ain’t been taking his medicine for one because he flips off. He be good sometime, then he get bad.” Vergie also says her son would rather buy drugs than food. “So to keep him from going in the streets to do the bad things, I give him money everyday.”

Let's face. There's a whole lot going on here and cheeseburgers are the least of their problems.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Matter of Justice

Mary P. Brown died back on February 13th of this year. A story about her death appeared in our local paper and while I recognized her story I did not know why she made the small local paper. It turns out that she lived not too far away in Etowah County, Alabama.

Mary's story became public when the movie A Matter of Justice appeared on TV. The movie was the story of the murder of Mary's son Chris by his wife Kathy Brown and Ralph Rocky Jackson, another marine who admitted to stabbing Brown 26 times.

Prosecutors argued that Kathy Brown convinced Jackson to kill her husband in order to prevent Brown from dropping her from his life insurance policy and obtaining custody of their daughter, Christy

The movie chronicled the five month search Mary Brown led to find her son's 2 year old daughter after the child was kidnapped. Mary Brown said Kathy Brown was the first person to be tried in Alabama under a parental kidnapping law passed in July 1983 making the act a felony.

I often wondered what happened to the subjects of the movie and thanks to the internet I've been able to answer this.

Chris's father is now deceased.

Chris's daughter, Christine was arrested for the following; I.D. theft, obstruction of justice, Meth manufacturing, fraudulent i.d. card, stolen fire arm, and Meth delivery.

Christine was only two years old when her Dad was murdered so she really doesn't remember him.

Dusty, (Kathy Brown) seems to have continued having run ins with the law and has been in and out of jail over the years.

Ralph Jackson (Rocky) is married now and has a daughter. He was released from jail in 2002.

I haven't watched this movie in years. I had taped it years ago and watched it many times. The story haunted me for years and obviously the ghosts of this murder still haunts all those involved.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Police Detain Man In Connection With Serial Stabbings

The suspect in a string of stabbings of African Americans, a Michigan man, was arrested Wednesday afternoon in Atlanta, Georgia.

The serial killer is described as a white man in his late 20s to early 30s, about 5 feet 11 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall with a heavy or muscular build. He may have light-colored hair and usually wears a baseball cap during the attacks, and he also has an earring on the top of his ear.

He is suspected in string of serial stabbing deaths in Michigan, Virginia and Ohio.

Out of the 20 victims who have been stabbed since May, five men have died, police said.

The most recent attack was on Saturday in Toledo, Ohio. A minister was stabbed outside of his church while smoking a cigarette, according to Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sylar Newton Skeletal Remains Found

Skeletal remains were found at the bottom of a wash less than 2 miles from the Beaver Creek Campground, where 2-year-old Sylar Newton of Flagstaff was last seen July 24, Yavapai County sheriff's spokesman Dwight D'Evelyn said.

The remains were discovered by a distant relative of Sylar who lives in the area and had periodically been searching for the boy, Rhodes said.

Searchers previously walked up and down washes, and scoured a landfill, trash bins and other areas of the campsite for more than a week. Rhodes said search and rescue crews looked in the general area where the remains were found but not the exact spot. He added the search was conducted for someone who was lost, not concealed.

Sylar Newton was last seen inside a tent sleeping with family members around midnight on July 25th in the Beaver Creek Campground just off of Highway 179 and Interstate 17.

My heart goes out to this little boy who seemed to have the cards stacked against him from the beginning.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mad For McNuggets

Poor Melodi wants McNuggets. The problem is that McDonald's is serving the breakfast menu. Sorry Melodi. You can't order McNuggets from the breakfast menu.

Melodi doesn't take rejection very well does she?

It appears that a security video from a McDonald's in Ohio shows Melodi Dushane punching two restaurant employees and smashing a drive-thru window because she couldn't get Chicken McNuggets.

The tantrum caught on tape in Toledo earlier this year shows the customer reaching through the drive-thru window, slugging one worker and then another. She then grabs a bottle out of her car and tosses it through the glass window before speeding off.

Dushane has been charged with vandalism, according to KFSN. She was asked not to return to the same McDonald's restaurant ever again.

Grandparents Stand by Daughter On Caylee's 5th Birthday

George and Cindy Anthony celebrated Caylee Anthony's fifth birthday this week with their son and future daughter-in-law.

According to George Anthony, they had a nice little dinner and a cake and reminisced about how much she meant them and how much they miss her. They also planted a little bush out by her little house that was outside.

Casey Anthony couldn't make it due to her previous engagement in prison awaiting trial.

I feel sorry for Cindy Anthony, because she wants people to believe Casey is innocent even though she knows in her heart Casey may have murdered her granddaughter.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Disabled" Ex-Firefighter Suing County For $13 million Caught On Tape Dancing

Perhaps someone should tell this former Seattle Firefighter that when you are suing for $13 million because you claim to be permanently disabled, you should avoid chopping wood, playing horseshoes and breaking into a victory dance. (btw he's got some nice moves doesn't he?)

The city is using the video shot by investigators in an attempt to overturn a judgment of nearly $13 million awarded by a King County jury last October to 46-year-old Mark Jones of Bothell.

Jones was injured in an accidental fall in 2003 down a fire pole at a station. According to court documents, he was knocked unconscious and suffered a head injury, broke nine ribs, fractured several vertebrae and his pelvis, as well as lung, bladder and liver injuries. He said his injuries resulted from city negligence.

Kenny Stuart, president of the Seattle Fire Fighters Union Local 27, is denouncing the decision to release video he considers inflammatory and inaccurate. He knew Jones before the accident.

"Mark no longer exists as he did before," Stuart said, “What that video does not show is that Mark suffered brain damage."

Brain damage, yes perhaps that it. He's so brain damaged he doesn't realize that if you are so permanently damaged you might not want to chop wood or dance around like you're in a Michael Jackson video.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

New Search For Clues In Kyron Horman Case

It's almost ten weeks since Kyron has disappeared and searchers in the investigation were working east of Skyline Elementary Saturday, acting on information developed from Dede Spicher.

Meanwhile, friends of the little boy released balloons from his Wall of Hope on Saturday. This event was also at Skyline Elementary.

Dede has continued to be more cooperative than when Kyron’s parents released a statement imploring her to cooperate with the probe but investigators continue to believe she still has not told everything she knows.

Please, Anyone with information regarding Kyron Horman whereabouts is asked to call the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office tip line 503 261-2847, or to dial 911 with emergency information.

'Facebook Bigamist': The Update

The course to true love is never runs smooth.

If you remember from a previous post Lynn France, said she only found out her husband had married another woman when she saw photos of their 2008 fairytale Disney wedding on Facebook. In photos, John can be seen wearing a Prince Charming costume at the altar.

John France denies his first wife's allegation that she learned of his second marriage on Facebook is "completely absurd."

The accused "Facebook bigamist" defended his actions by charging that his first marriage to Lynn France, 41, whom he wed in 2005 on Italy's Amalfi Coast, was never legally valid.

"I was not carrying on a double life," France, 63, said in an interview with NBC's "Today" this morning, with his new wife, 25-year-old Amanda Weisal France, by his side.

But Lynn France, claims that after the marriage she and her husband reconciled. Unfortunately love was not in the air and he took the couple's two young sons to live with him and his new wife in Florida against her will. She said she has not seen the kids for weeks -- except for in photos on Amanda's Facebook page.

"Now, that's the only way I see my children" -- on Facebook, Lynn France told the St. Petersburg Times Wednesday. "It's just surreal."

John France said his previous wife is free to see the children anytime she likes and said he'd offered to buy her a plane ticket to Florida to visit. He is seeking "majority custody" of the two boys.

"We feel that the kids are more stable, comfortable, and secure and safe with me," he told NBC. But he stopped short of calling Lynn an unfit mother today. "Lynn has a history," he said, but "I'm not going to badmouth the children's mother on national TV."

Geee John do you think it might be more stable for your kids to live in the home of a man who actually divorced his wife before he took up with and MARRIED a new woman. You see if John didn't really think he was married then why did he use her as a tax deduction and put her on his insurance?

Amanda Weisal France may want to take a good look at Prince Charming because he certainly doesn't seem to have a good track record with fidelity. The true victims of all of this nonsense are the children.

Want to support Lynn France there is a Facebook page set up to do just that.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Faces of Innocence

If I were to caption this photo, I would say, "Three out of four ain't bad."

It seems in the great echo chamber that is the internet there is now a Facebook page support group for Terri supporters.

Be forwarned that anyone posting negative comments will be banned immediately. This kind of goes against their assurance Feel free to state your opinions. That is to say that unless your opinions don't agree with theirs.

I can't begrudge them their Facebook page because human nature says that people want to be with like minded people and hear what they want to hear. This is why most conservatives do not surround themselves with liberals and why liberals would still hate Bush even if he personally dashed into a burning building and saved four small children and a puppy single-handedly.