Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Chris Matthews Things The Panama Canal Is In Egypt

Isn't it ironic that the man who constantly proclaims that Palin and Bachmann are absolute idiots by misquoting or mischaracterizing what they say does not receive the same scrutiny himself.

Ah but the fact that this won't be covered ad nauseum in the press as proof of his "blaring ignorance" should be no surprise. After all recently Senator Charles Schumer (DNY) recently impressed us all with his knowledge of the Branches of Government. He claims that the House, the Senate and the President make up the US Government. Gee if only we could have said that Sarah Palin had said that, we'd be hearing that quote over and over and over again.

Don't worry Chris, I understand that this was just a simple mistake. I mean you could have just as easily have said the Erie Canal. All canals are the same aren't they?

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