Monday, December 17, 2012

Forgiving The Unforgiveable

We are told that forgiveness will heal our soul and help us find peace.  For so many of us resentment can be so strong that it can impede our ability to forgive.
Imagine then the power of the words of Robbie Parker, the father of one of the children who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. 
Parker offered comfort and forgiveness to the family of shooter Adam Lanza, saying “I want you to know that our love and support go out to you as well.”
Parker understood that forgiveness did not mean that he condoned what was or that he are absolving the perpetrator of responsibility for his actions. He understood that the family of the shooter was suffering the loss of a mother and a son and he was reaching out to comfort them.
We certainly could understand parents who cannot imagine reaching out to the family of the shooter while they themselves are in the depths of despair.  Sometimes it is very hard to forgive. Sometimes the wrongs are so pernicious and the wounds so painful that forgiveness seems impossible.  We can all hope and pray that the parents of these innocent victims will learn to relieve themselves of the burden of being a victim--let go of the pain and transform themselves from victim to survivor.
Forgiving the unforgivable is a journey with its sight is set on GOD.   GOD has offered forgiveness not just a command but also as a healing. By making the difficult choice to forgive we are freed from the burdens of bitterness, anger, and isolation.

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