Friday, March 29, 2013

New IMAX® Film at Fernbank Museum Explores Iconic Animals of the Ice Age

Titans of the Ice Age, one of the most highly anticipated giant screen releases this year, will bring prehistoric icons, including the wooly mammoth and saber-tooth cats, to life on Fernbank’s IMAX® screen. Presented in conjunction with the special exhibition Extreme Mammals, this action-packed film provides an immersive portal to the great Pleistocene ice age, 20,000 years back in time, showing daily on Fernbank’s five story IMAX® screen from March 29-August 15, 2013.

Narrated by Academy Award® winning actor Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), Titans of the Ice Age  transports viewers to the otherworldly frozen landscapes of the northern hemisphere 10,000 years before modern civilization.

Titans of the Ice Age brings this harsh and beautiful era to life – a world buried in our ancestral memory, populated by saber-tooth cats, giant sloths, dire wolves and the iconic woolly mammoths.  Travel across monumental glaciers and sweeping grasslands, rich in life.  Roam the mammoth steppe with baby Lyuba, a female Woolly Mammoth calf recently exposed by the melting Siberian permafrost, now one of the best preserved mammoth mummies in the world.  Discover the story of Zed, one of the most complete Colombian Mammoth skeletons ever uncovered, extracted in 2008 from the famous La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles. Witness a time when titans ruled untamed continents and humans walked with giants.

“Titans of the Ice Age is a great pairing with our Extreme Mammals exhibition. Visitors can learn about these prehistoric animals as they encounter authentic fossils and incredible displays in the exhibition, and then see these creatures come to life on the IMAX® screen,” said Lynn Anders, a biologist at Fernbank Museum. “The film portrays very realistic footage of life on Earth during the last Ice Age, and does a great job of showcasing how scientists study fossil sites, like the incredible La Brea Tar Pits, to learn more about the life and death of these incredible creatures.”

“Audiences will experience the world of these prehistoric animals with a realism that only this canvas can provide,” said Andy Wood, the film’s Producer.  “We are really proud to have worked with a distinguished team of scientists and partners to tell this story.  The end result is a film that is both highly entertaining and revealing.”

As one of the first films shot using ultra high definition digital cameras, Titans of the Ice Age is a visual experience new to the giant screen medium.  Stunning backdrops shot on location at Yellowstone National Park, the Northern Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains and Alaska provide the scenery on which the drama of the Pleistocene unfolds.  State-of-the-art, ultra-HD CGI (computer generated imagery) allows long extinct Ice Age mammals to populate this world in photorealistic detail alongside Paleolithic humans, played by native Iñupiat and Yup’ik Alaskans.

Titans of the Ice Age is a production of Giant Screen Films and D3D Cinema, in association with The Field Museum, Chicago.

Titans of the Ice Age shows at Fernbank Museum’s IMAX® Theatre daily from March 29-August 15, 2013. IMAX tickets are $13 for adults, $12 for students/seniors, $11 for children ages 12 and younger, and $8 for Museum Members.  Value Pass tickets offer admission to both the museum and an IMAX® ticket at the best value of $23 for adults, $21 for students/seniors, $19 for children, and $8 for Museum Members.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History is located at 767 Clifton Road NE in Atlanta. For tickets and visitor information, visit or call 404.929.6300.

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