Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Make DC Listen

Ted Cruz, Republican from Texas, began his filibuster at 2.40pm  ET today.  Cruz has vowed to speak as long as possible to stop the “cloture” vote in hopes of putting the brakes on Obamacare.

While Cruz acknowledges that his efforts will do little to block Obamacare funding, he makes clear that he is echoing the voices of his constituents that have been pleading to "make DC listen".

Cruz dressed down his fellow Senators by letting them know that  the American people are frustrated because their elected officials do not listen.

"Most Americans could not give a flying flip about a bunch of politicians in Washington.  Almost all of us are in cheap suits with bad chair cuts."

Polls tend to show that a pluality of voters disapprove of Obamacare and do NOT trust the government to run their healthcare because it was sold to us on fairy dust and lies.  Many Americans understand Obamacare is too intrusive on our privacy and they do NOT wish to have the government deciding their family's healthcare.  Many Americans have already had their insurance rates raised and seen the quality of the medical care reduced.

There are many polls that show that Americans don't trust the government to run their healthcare; Because it was sold to us on lies; Because it's too intrusive on our privacy; Because its not even implemented yet, and it has already raised insurance rates and reduced the quality of my medical care; Because Americans don't want the government deciding my family's healthcare; Because it is a threat to jobs and our economy

Ted Cruz can't hold the floor for more than 15 hours according to Senate rules

Democrats, who control the Senate, said they plan to move ahead with a bill that would fund the health care program--and the rest of the federal government--through December 15th.  If the GOP-controlled House which voted to cut Obamacare funding balks, the federal government will shut down October 1st.

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