Sunday, November 23, 2014


DC's very own "Mayor for Life" passed away this morning at age 78.

LaToya Foster, a family spokeswoman, said Barry was discharged from Howard University Hospital at around 6:30 p.m. but said she believed Barry had stayed at the hospital watching television for a time after his discharge. His driver, she said, took him to get something to eat before taking him to his home.

Barry collapsed while walking into his home, Foster said. The driver called for paramedics, who took him to United Medical Center. Cora Barry came to the scene and accompanied him in the ambulance, Foster said.

Barry arrived in cardiac arrest and could not be revived before expiring.

Barry started out as a good politician, but overtime he became increasingly arrogant and corrupt.

Barry started out as a good politician, and over time he became increasingly arrogant and corrupt, climaxing with the outrageous video of him using cocaine while cheating on his wife. He fell into every single stereotype possible.  

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