Saturday, March 28, 2015

jodi arias hold out notes

ALERT: J. Martinez prosecuted ex-husband of holdout juror 17. They married day before his 2000 sentencing.

I wonder if they've looked into the fact that she had ties to the Arias family through her current husband also? Granted myspace isn't used much anymore but he was friends with some of her family members so that should have been a disqualification also.

There is enough evidence to prove this woman lied to get on this jury. Her own personal vendetta against Juan Martinez and a anti DP stance. The 11 jurors initial remarks. People like her will continue to throw our system into turmoil unless we prosecute them when we find them.

This woman had an agenda. The 11 jurors who said she had bias from the start, wouldn't deliberate, called the DP revenge and at the end one juror said it seemed more like it was a "pride" thing with her ~ they picked up on the TRUE agenda of this woman!

They didn't know her ex husband, the father of her two children, was prosecuted by Juan Martinez! They just knew that she was biased and that she would not deliberate!

The verdict cannot be changed now, but the judge erred in not excusing this non deliberating juror. And, the scumbag defense knew of the conflict of interest the entire time.

What's left to do? Prosecute the lying, scheming scumbag.

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