Friday, July 18, 2008

Caylee Anthony Is Still Missing

The mystery surrounding missing child, Caylee Anthony, deepens today. Caylee was originally reported missing two days ago by her grandmother Cindy Anthony. Caylee's Mom, Casey Anthony told police that her daughter had been missing for some 31 days after having been taken by her babysitter.

Investigators brought a cadaver dog back to the Anthony home around noon Friday to check a spot toward the back of the backyard, in an area where there are some bushes. The fact that the dog was on scene is a sign that they haven't seen anything yet, but sometimes the evidence in a case like this might not be visible to the naked eye.

Casey Anthony is being held without bond in the Orange County jail. She's charged with felony child neglect. She had her first appearance in court Thursday, but did not say much to the judge.

Jose Baez, Casey's attorney, said that Casey's first priority is finding her daughter, despite some sensationalized media reports. Baez filed a motion to get her bonded out of jail after a judge denied her first request this week.

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