Monday, July 21, 2008

Reward Offered For Caylee's Safe Return

1. Caylee Marie Anthony is two years old
2. Last seen: June 9, 2008
3. Reported missing: July 15, 2008
4. Caylee Anthony has shoulder-length, light brown hair
5. Dark hazel (brownish-green) eyes
6. Birthmark on left upper arm
7. Reward: $125,000 offered for safe return of Caylee
8. Mother: Casey Marie Anthony
9. Casey Anthony arrested and charged with child neglect and lying to police
10. According to Casey Anthony's attorney, Caylee may be in Miami, Florida, Charlotte, North Carolina, or Brooklyn, New York

Cindy Anthony, Caylee's grandmother, said she believes her daughter, Casey, when she told her the missing 2-year-old might be with her babysitter.

Problem is, so far, police have been unable to locate Zenaida or even prove that she exists. The apartment where Anthony says she left her daughter a month ago has been vacant - for five months. Anthony’s timeline is “of interest”, say investigators, and while they initially stopped short of calling Casey Anthony a suspect, her lack of interest in her daughter’s whereabouts, her emotionless responses during interviews, and her all of lies lead in one direction despite what Cindy believes.

Cindy Anthony believes that Casey's behavior, including her lack of emotion and conflicting stories, all support the idea she is holding back information to either protect Caylee or the family.

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