Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthday Savings

It’s my birthday. It’s my birthday. Gonna party like it's my birthday. Well maybe not party but it is my birthday.

This of course does not alleviate me from my responsibilities to buy food for the dogs. I took advantage of a great deal Kroger had on Nestle products. When you buy $20 worth of Nestle products you get $5 off. Essentially when you add up the eighteen products I bought it’s about 27 cents off each item. With Alpo discounted from 70 cents went down to 43 cents. I also had coupons for $1 off four cans making the final cost 18 cents per can. I wish I could always pay that for dog food.

Some of the things I bought were FREE already. For example the Mighty Dogs were on sale for 60 cents a piece and I used the two coupons I had for a free can. These were great because they weren’t buy one get ones they were free. On those two cans I came out ahead by 27 cents a can.

I was able to buy one of Darryl’s Hungry Man meals for free too. That was from a contest I had won earlier this year. I’m certain Darryl will be happy to see the free bag of Tortilla chips I got him this time also.

I’m still only paying $1.50 a piece for my Lean Cuisines when you factor in the sale and the coupons. To be honest though I’m just getting a bit tired of frozen meals. On the positive side of the equation I’m certain I’m losing weight.

Before coupons my bill would have been $79.70. After coupons I paid $45.39. I paid with the gift card I won so in actuality my whole bill was free. I’m loving it.

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