Thursday, October 15, 2009

Boy In Balloon Has Been Found

I came late to this story. You see just after my students left for the day I checked the news and saw the story proclaiming that there was a boy in a balloon that was set adrift from the Heene's Fort Collins, Colorado. Now I bet you are asking the same question I was asking, just how does this happen?

I glanced at the headlines, grabbed my purse and headed out the door. Just as I turned on my radio I heard an update about the balloon incident saying the balloon had landed but there was no child. Even more tragic there was word that someone thought they had seen something fall from the balloon.

Again, the question I was asking as how did the kid get in the balloon. Richard Heene, the boy's father, is a known weather tracker and it is believed the balloon was built for weather monitoring. His brothers initially told officials the boy, identified as Falcon Heene, climbed into the basket attached to the saucer and, somehow, the rope that held the aircraft in place became untied at about 11:00 a.m.

Thankfully this whole incident has come to a happy resolution. During a news conference at 4 p.m. local time, Larimer County Sheriff Jim Alderden announced that Heene had been located, alive and well. He had apparently been hiding inside a cardboard box in the attic of the family's attic.

Thank God he's OK!!! It could have ended so differently. By the way doesn't that look like the same balloon behind the Heene family at the beginning of this show?

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