Friday, October 16, 2009

FREE Meal & A Lovely Dinner Companion

Girl's night out

I received a great tip from Carol who is part of the Sweep Club to which I belong. Carol lives not too far from me and she found out about a new Sports Bar that opened up not too far away from me. She wanted me to know I could have a FREE meal if I went tonight.

You don't have to say FREE and Food in the same sentence to me too many times. I jumped at the chance.

Just as I was getting ready to go I said, "You should invite Pixie to go with you." I felt bad for her because she's been going home to an empty house for awhile now and probably could use some time away from her home.

I walked back in and extended the invitation and she accepted. I'm glad she did because we chatted about lots of things, big and little. Some of it was personal and some was school related. It felt good to get out and about and it has been quite some time since I'd gone out with a friend for dinner without my husband.

My husband was out playing cards with some people he knew and I was fine with that. Girls Night Out has been absent from my life for years. Pixie said she hoped that we could go out again soon. I hope so too.

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