Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Obama Heckled By Occupy Wall Street

President Obama was heckled today by members of the Occupy Wall Street Movement in front a crowd packed into a Manchester, N.H., high school gym,

Occupy Wall Streeters could be heard chanting, "Over 4,000 peaceful protesters have been arrested while 'banksters' continue to destroy the American economy."

Just curious, when people from the Occupy movement heckle Obama, are they racist? I seem to remember that this was the charge leveled against tea party members when they spoke out against Obama.

President Obama bailed out everyone except the 99% that these Occupy people claim to be members. Maybe Occupy protesters didn't get the memo.

The longer the Occupy protests go on the more I am reminded of the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Thousands of young activists from around the nation gathered in the city to protest the Vietnam War. In a clash which was covered on live television, Americans were shocked to see Chicago police brutally beating antiwar protesters in the streets of Chicago. While the protesters chanted "The whole world's watching," the police used clubs and tear gas to beat back the protesters, leaving many of them bloody and dazed.

Obama and some of the Democrats may feel that the Occupy Movement can be a power harnessed to re-elect the Democrats but they obviously failed to take a good hard look at how that actually worked for the Democrats back in '68.

The tragedy of the antiwar riots crippled Humphrey's campaign from the start, and it never fully recovered. If you don't believe that pepper-spraying student protestors isn't hurting the President, you might just want to watch the video once again and listen to what is being said.

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