Friday, July 5, 2013

I Cannot Remember Anything On The Day Of Autopsy

In viewing the testimony of Dr. Shiping Bao I'm having a Sergeant Schultz. moment.  For those not familiar with Hogan's Heroes, I'm referencing the bumbling who would often claim that he "Saw nothing!"

In this case, Dr. Bao could remember nothing much of the time.  He couldn't even remember the conversation he had with the lead prosecutor the day before he testified.

One of the more what the hey moments was when we notice that Dr. Bao actually was actually reading his answers off personal notes during his testimony.  When the defense requested copies Dr. Bao's notes he appeared to be very frustrated and told West that he'd rather not.

Judge Nelson then instructed him that attorneys on both sides were entitled to view his notes.

Here is an example of Dr. Bao's testimony:

 Bao:  "No one knows the autopsy better than me."

Don West: "And you don't remember anything about the autopsy, correct?"

Bao:  "Correct."

In my opinion Dr. Bao was ultimately a disaster of a witness for the state.

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