Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Crappy Run

Crappy run this morning.  I ran a different route and part of it had me dodging cars and jumping into the shrubbery for about a half a mile.

*  I ran 5.82 miles pace 14:11 min/mile
*  Russian crunch 38 reps
*  1 legged seated shimmies 16 reps each side
*  V-crunch 18 reps
*  ab crunch 18 reps
*  Single legged v-ups 8 reps each side
*  Single leg drop 18 reps
*  Reverse crunch 16 reps

All the crunches are leading me on with their promise of having a Victoria Secret body, but in truth while I may be working out like an Angel I feel like the Devil when I'm through.

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