Sunday, February 22, 2015

Las Vegas Road Rage Story 4.0

Today we learn that the daughter of the deceased, Kristal Meyers told police later that a 6-foot-tall man got out and warned: "I'm gonna come back for you and your daughter."
The suspect, Erich Nowsch is about 5-foot-3 and 100 pounds.  BIG difference.
NO ONE calls 911.  Instead Mom goes directly home to drop off her daughter and get her armed son in order to hunt this guy down.

There is a police station located about two miles away from where the "road rage" incident happened. Why didn't Kristal Meyers drive there when first confronted rather than to her own home?
We also learn that Nowsch told his friends he thought the people in the car in the school parking lot were looking at him, and said he called a friend with the silver Audi to come and pick him up, according to the report.
Nowsch displayed a handgun and .45-caliber ammunition to his friends and said he started shooting because he thought he saw a gun being pointed at him from the green car, according to the report.
"Got those kids," he told his friends, according to the report. "They were after me, and I got them."

Next we go to the "stand-off" with the police where Erich was allowed to get high before he surrendered. Is that Standard Operating Procedure?  Nowsch atty is trying to get his confession thrown out because.......wait for it.....he was under the influence of drugs.

We also learn that Tammy Meyers, who was described as a dedicated nurse who selflessly helped others in need was NOT a nurse as the family has claimed on numerous occasions. Why lie about that?

As to the GoFundMe site, why were the family members asking for funds to help with her burial when she was cremated for free?
Am I the only one who feels there are too many missing pieces to this story?  Why has the family of the deceased has changed their story so often?  I think there's still more to this story than what we have already heard. Stay tuned boys and girls.

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