Saturday, February 21, 2015

Shoot 'Em Up Bang Bang Road Rage In Las Vegas

The story of the road rage incident that happened in Las Vegas recently gets" curiouser and curiouser."
Initially we are told that the victim Tammy Meyers takes her daughter for a nighttime driving lesson in a parking lot. So far so good but then we learn that this lesson was taking place around 11 PM.  Is it just me or does that strike anyone else as being odd? 
We then learn that Meyers is driving home and someone speeds by her. Her 15 year old daughter leans across to the driver's side and honks the horn.  The other car stops. Someone gets out and threatens Meyers and her daughter.  Frightened, Meyers drives away and goes home.
Myers drops off her daughter and convinces her son (who wanted to call 911) to go with her to look for the guy from the driving incident. He takes his 9 mm with him.
You heard me right, they left the safety of their home, armed and looking for a fight.  
According to the original version, Meyers and her son went looking for the vehicle, a grey or silver, four door sedan.  They locate the car they believe was involved and follow it.  They didn't get the license plate number and call the police instead she goes home where she is confronted by the "unknown" driver. 
A shootout occurs and Meyers is killed.
One would ask, how was it that this unknown driver was able to locate their home?  Turns out the shooter, Erich Nowsch, Jr went to school with Myers oldest son.  The family claims that they had tried to help him from time to time. Which begs the question, why was it that little sis and big brother didn't say to the cops, "Erich killed my Mom.   Erich lives just up the street from us."  Why indeed.  Instead the driver is "unidentified" and the police release a composite picture of the suspect?
Today we learn that Nowsch claims that Myers was the aggressor saying he saw someone in their car waving a gun out the window at him.
Even Mark Gergos and I agree that this doesn't sound like a case of road rage.

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