Thursday, May 20, 2010

To Be A Maven Or Not?

I recently received an email from a woman who is running a site very similar to mine. I guess you could say that we are running a site similar to hundreds of others.

She wrote me an email telling me that she wants me to change some words from my twitter profile because she's going to trademark her blog name and the fact that I have been using these words on my account for quite some time might keep her from getting the trademark.

The thing is that my blog has been around longer than hers. I really don't want to relinquish those words but I am concerned that this may become a "mean girls" flame war. It seems that there are many people out in the blog-o-sphere who want their way and they want it right now. If they don't get it they bad mouth you.

I wrote her back with the facts and offered her a change in the spelling. Well she wrote back and her is what she said:

Hi Cathy -
Thanks for responding. I did not mean to imply you knew I even existed or was
trademarking. I am in the application process currently. I was just surprised to
see it as I thought I had done an extensive search before I even chose my name last
year - wanted to make sure it was not already out there. So when it popped up I was
just surprised, that's all.

I did not think rewording would be a big deal since it was only in your bio and not
on your blog - so I was not meaning to ask you to make a big change in how you
operate, but if it is, i apologize, that was not my intent. Your change in spelling
is fine if you are comfortable with that.

I suppose I will make the change

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