Saturday, May 22, 2010

We're Not Gonna Take It

This video started the whole thing. God forbid that we have an unencumbered half day during exam week. That's how other schools do exams but not us.

We were each assigned to a "school improvement" group and I was placed in a group called incentives. Here's the joke. I thought they were talking about incentives for teachers. Hee hee.

No the incentives were for students. How are we going to encourage them to come to school? How are we going to get them to score higher on their EOCT? In other words, just how did we plan to reward them for doing what they are supposed to do.

This conversation went down the drain pretty quickly. Things like why are parents not encouraging students to do better in school or why don't parents make kids come to school. I mean it's not like we can come to their home, get them dressed and ready to come to school, and then escort them on to the bus.

I mostly listened and let my thoughts wander. There was one teacher that going on and on about how we should reward them by giving them time to "just chill" every week. That's when I thought about this video.

Excuse me for being a Business Teacher but I got this bright idea of we teachers making a video and the theme: "Can We Count on You?" I suggested that we could make this video go viral and keep the theme with students winning T-shirts with the theme and being a part of a big Academic pep rally.

At that point everyone bought in. Everyone loved the concept and my name kept being thrown out there as being the person who created the campaign. How's that for being the one you can "Count On."

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