Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Attack Of The Meter Man

Alas this is not the story of lovely Rita, Meter Maid. Instead this video features a Delray Beach parking attendant losing his temper while writing tickets in Del Ray, Florida.

The whole incident stems from an event that happened earlier in the day when Andi Evans says she stepped about 20 feet away from her car to wave her friend down and when she turned around to put money in the meter the attendant slapped a ticket on her car.

"I was like wait a minute," Andi said. " I told him I stole quarters out of my daughter's piggy bank for the meter."

Andi says the meter maid didn't care and started yelling at her and taking pictures of her. She says he even followed her as she moved her car.

"He started following me to my next parking spot and continued to take pictures of me," she said. "I was crying."

Andi then called her husband who drove to the beach to look for the meter maid. When he found him, he started recording him with his iPhone.

The video shows the unnamed Meter Man was non too happy to be videoed.

I feel Andi's pain. When I was in college I had to take a couple of night classes. I didn't want to have to park on the other side of campus by myself in the dark so I had to park at a metered parking space near the Knutti Hall Bldg. Since I knew the class was 90 minutes and back then I believe you could only get about two hours worth of parking on the meter I thought I would be OK since I'd have time to spare. That would factor in to the walking from the space, then upstairs to my class and then of course the trip back to my car. I misjudged things that night because of course I wound up having to speak to the professor about a project. This threw my schedule off by less than ten minutes.

Since these were the last classes of the day and obviously plenty of parking space available on campus you would think that the local cops would have had something better to do with their time besides ticket a car.

I was barely out of the building when I noticed a dark figure near my car and fear seized me as I yelled, "Hey what are you doing near my car." Other people were coming out of the building so I felt a little brave. When the figure moved ever so slightly the light caught him and I realized he was the cop and he was writing me a ticket. I began heading towards my car and he handed me the ticket telling me that I was parked at an expired meter.

He didn't want to hear excuses, he didn't want to hear that it had just expired he handed me a ticket and said in a surly voice, "Have a nice evening young lady."

Two days later I went to the bank and pulled out pennies to pay my fine and then unrolled them sticking them in a jar. When I went to use them to pay my fine, I was told that doing that was a criminal offense according to some law on the books. I was told to roll the coins or be arrested. I rolled the coins.

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