Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Scratch & Win

Today I went for a walk while my husband slept. I decided to take three dollars with me to force myself to walk to the closest convenience store. It's a longer walk then we have been taking and I feel I need the exercise.

Now let me say right here that I do not normally buy lots of lottery tickets but when I get coupons for lottery tickets I will buy them or maybe once in a while when I get the urge but usually no more than one ticket once every month.

Recently I had a bright idea that if I saw three of the same scratch off tickets maybe I should buy one because your odds of winning are 1 in slightly more than three of winning at least a free ticket. I've used this method two previous times and won $4 once and two free tickets the second time.

When I arrived at the convenience store I bought one $2 lottery ticket and one $1 ticket. I scratched those two tickets and didn't win anything. Dumb me, I told myself. I shouldn't have bought any tickets because I really hadn't seen any used tickets.

Then just as I was leaving I decided to buy just one more scratch ticket. On this ticket each line was a winner. I wound up winning $6 which was $2 more than I had when I walked into the store.

I was also happy to see that a book I had won arrvied. It's called Matched by Ally Condie.

I'm looking forward to more wins soon

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