Friday, December 23, 2011

Riding The Storm Out

The highlight of my day was going to be the arrival of my husband. This of course meant that I would have to drive to the airport in Birmingham, Alabama, something I really didn't like doing.

The weather had been miserable all day but as I got ready to leave I began feeling that familiar panic attack beginning to well-up in my chest as the rain began to pick-up. I closed my eyes and prayed a little prayer. I asked God to be my co-pilot on my trip because he knew how I hated driving in the dark especially when it rained.

As I crossed the Alabama line the rain picked up in intensity it seemed to drown out the CD I had playing. Just as well I thought, I had already decided that I didn't like the book that much anyway. I also noticed that there was some low lying area flooding which also gave me some cause and I wished yet again that I didn't have to make this long drive.

At one point a vehicle drove past me in the opposite lane causing a huge sheet of water to leave me not only blind but to hydroplane also. During that blinding moment I reminded myself that I had to trust that God had heard my prayer to be my co-pilot and that he had bigger plans for me that I have yet to accomplish.

When I was able to see through my windshield again I switched off the CD and turned on the radio. It was then that I learned that I was in the midst of a storm watch which included strong winds and rain. Gee who knew?

Turns out that high winds tore the roof off a building at Shorter University and more than 19,000 customers lost electricity. Twenty-three homes and six businesses were destroyed in the initial assessment after the F-2 tornado, said Floyd County EMA Director Scotty Hancock.

Thankfully despite all of the destruction, only three minor injuries were reported,

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