Friday, December 30, 2011

Toddlers And Tiaras - Sexy Baby Contest

I'd like to be perfectly clear, I generally watch news shows, documentaries, and old movies. The whole reality tv genre generally leaves me cold. The very idea that there was a show featuring pagent girls and their pushy stage moms just didn't make sense.

I learned about the show as I stood in line to buy groceries one day and saw a story featured in one of the rags on display at the check-out counter. My mind immediately jumped to the most famous pagent child, Jon Bennet Ramsey.

Jon Bennet was murdered in her home in Boulder, Colorado on Christmas in 1996. Media coverage of the case has often focused on JonBenét's participation in child beauty pageants. Like so many others, I found these child pagents bordered on child exploitation. It troubled me that girls as young as two or three years old were being sexualized way.

What kind of person would actually tart their child up like that? A few short months later, I was to discover the answer to this question.

I had been watching one of the news opinion shows and the female host questioned the parenting skills of a parent who would dress her three year old like a prostitute.

A prositute? You are kidding me right? Nope! Wendy Dickey decided to ress her daughter in the hooker outfit that Julia Roberts' character wore in "Pretty Woman". Wendy insisted she's a good mom and suggested that other people need to look at their own family and what they're doing. Talk about a pearl clutcher moment.

The next day I actually watched the episode. It wasn't a planned thing, really, just flipping the channels and I actually caught sight of a toddler in full glitz mode. For a moment I actually thought it was a documentary that I hadn't seen about Jon Bennett. When I realized it wasn't I didn't change the channel because I seemed glued to my seat in full prosti-tot regalia.

This episode featured Maddy Johnson Clad in a hot pink catsuit, complete with fake C-cup breasts and padded buttocks. Her Mom Lindsay feels that when Maddy wears the fake boobs and the fake butt it's just like an added extra bonus. Your right Lindsay. I'm sure the pedophiles out there found your daughter to be the complete package.


From shaving the legs of a seven year old to spray tanning a two year old you'll see it all here. It makes me wonder yet again, where do they get these people?

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