Monday, January 9, 2012

Breaking News - Casey Anthony Got Her Nose Pierced

Amazing. Simply AMAZING. In this second installment of America's most hated sociopath she once again speaks about her favorite subject, herself. I'm sure you'll be very excited "woo" about her nose ring.

So why should we give a damn? We shouldn't. Why is it newsorthy? Well it seems that Jose Baez claims an investigation has been launched into what he says is the illegal hacking and leaking of his client's online video diary. Legal action will be taken against the guilty party. Gee Jose, do you think it was the meter reader or her Dad that hacked her computer?

It seems to me that this is all about Casey. It always has been about Casey. She craves the limelight. Sadly, it never seems to occur to her that her celebrity is due to her infamy because many still believe she killed her daughter Caylee. For some people fame at any cost is worth the price and I believe this is true for Casey.

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