Sunday, January 15, 2012

It's Puppy Love For Casey Anthony

More photos were posted by the girl who hates being on camera via Twitter. Don't worry, she's not posting about the loss of her daughter. She just wants to share new photos of her and her future victim, I mean dog.

Life goes on for Casey. secretly dating a new man, is frequently out in public and has even been attending church. It's even rumored that she is working for this new man. I hope he sleeps with one eye open.

Who is this new man? The name Rob Hensley, a landscaper from Kansas has recently surfaced. Now you're probably asking yourself, just how does a landscaper from Kansas get to meet a quality woman who was aquitted of murdering her child. It appears that Hensely, Casey's new squeeze is her defense former attorney Jose Baez's cousin.

With this in mind would it surprise you to learn that Mr. Hensley may very well be the source of the videos and photos.

While it might surprise us that some genius decided the woman most of America believes killed her toddler daughter was a good candidate to adopt a living creature of any shape or size you might be comforted to know that that Hitler loved his dog Blondi. Well he did until he killed it by giving Blondi cyanide capsules.

When Blondi died Hitler became completely inconsolable, however if I remember correctly Casey wasn't inconsolable when her own daughter Caylee died. The again, Casey was found not guilty of killing her daughter now wasn't she.

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