Sunday, January 1, 2012

My New Year's Horoscope

Admit it. We all do stupid things on the first day of the new year. Maybe it's breaking the resolution we made just the night before. Maybe it's buying some high priced exercise machine that will wind up as an over priced place to hang your clothes. Me? Well I always check my horoscope the first day of the year. Preferably one that tells you what to expect in the year ahead but I do it even though it's really not something rational to do.

Today I was checking the TV guide to see if there were any made for TV marathons that I'd be interested in watching. Low and behold they had one of those fortune telling things right there on the side of the page and for a lark I decided to let it "read my tea leaves"

So what's in the leaves for me?

As the steam from the tea evaporates, I see many interesting events in your future! Is the kindness you have shown others about to be returned tenfold? The many triangular shapes present in your cup say it is so.

Near the top of the cup I see a chair. An unexpected visitor may bring you joy. I also see a queen. Romance is coming to you soon. Are you ready for love ... or just lust?

At the bottom of the cup is grapes, suggesting that caution may be key now. Think twice before speaking if you're angry. I also see a wheel. It may be a long but steady climb to the top. Enjoy the view along the way.

All the shapes reveal themselves in a clear clockwise spiral within the cup. Your future is moving quickly toward you. The letter D is apparent in the cup. Someone with this initial may offer you a chance at a new beginning.

If you're a Leo like I am then here's what's in store for you in the year 2012

The position of the Saturn and Uranus for the Leo Horoscope 2012 highlights that all your plans for which you have been working for past two years would reach its fruition.

Great opportunities would be there on your way. The position of the Sun too is favorable, which adds reinforces energy and zeal. This would enhance your vitality and make you more enthusiastic at work and other matters that concern your family and loved ones. You might be caught up planning some household events and playing the generous host.

Leo’s have a tendency to erupt all too soon. This is helpful at times, but can also act otherwise. 2012 involves a great amount of family involvement, where you might have to put up with few relatives with whom you might get into disagreement.

In such cases handle the situation by logically reasoning out than getting into combative arguments.

According to Leo forecast 2012, health is something that you might have to take special care of. Especially for working women. There are chances of getting affected by allergies, abdominal aches, and other digestive problems that may prolong for a while.

There would be more facilities given to you at work, which would help to increase your performance. New challenges would be there where you have to play the role of a leader. At some point of time the work pressure might seem unbearable. This is more towards the months of July and August. You fellow workers will gain a lot from your leadership and company. Leo’s look for recognition. Acknowledgement and respect for the work done is what they expect first and foremost. The monetary rewards can tag in later. People around you certainly understand this fact, and hence you are noted for your excellent business strategy and achievements. You would get concrete results for all the hard work taken towards the end of the year. This is when you are up for a promotion and even an income raise.

When it is about love it’s about transformation and role change. You would undergo layers of evolvement. There will be times when you will feel that romance has become all too mundane and regular. This is just going to be a phase from where you mature and evolve. Most Leos would discover how they look at love this year. If you are married this is a vital time that strengthens your bond. There might be some acid tests, but it is only there to testify your emotional stability. The best advice one can give here is to follow your heart and don’t regret a single moment.

This is a year where you must focus on your savings the most. The influence of the Jupiter and Sun will influence you to splurge more. This is exactly where you need to do a budget control and balance your spending vis-à-vis your savings. Legal cases related to property would give their verdicts. This is what suggests your property gains.

Transformation, union in love and career advancements is what the Leo Horoscope 2012 primarily talks about.

Having checked on this information do I take it as gospel? Absolutely not. Do I consult the stars before making any important decisions? NO. So why bother? For that question there really is no answer except maybe next year I should make it my New Year's Resolution NOT to check my horoscope.

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