Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Victorious Chariot Of Worship

Today’s devotional in the Love Expressed series is about the power of worship.

We are created to worship GOD and live for his glory. There is power in worshipping God.  When you and I come boldly to GOD's throne in worship, He gives us His plans and strategies for our lives here on earth

 You may be asking yourself what exactly is worship?  Worship is an expression of joy, happiness, and jubilation.  To worship GOD means to obey, honor, reverence, respect, praise, and give Him all the glory.

Worship changes our lives and how we see our circumstances.  As you touch GOD with your praise, his Holy Spirit touches you and ministers to you. Worship transports you to lofty divine realms. What­ever situation you are facing in your business, job, stud­ies, marriage, family, etc, choose to worship.

Are you are doing what GOD made you to do? You were created to enjoy the holy and glorious GOD.  It's time to devote ourselves to a greater worship of the Lord.  Choose to worship God today in spirit and in truth.

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