Monday, August 24, 2009

Recovery Breakfast - It’s Hard To Say Good-bye

God only knows what time those girls at the Cheezeburgher Party went to bed but they were up bright at early for the Recover Breakfast. It was sponsored by Starbucks and

I didn’t want this weekend to end. When it ends it meant going back to the real world. Back to a world where I got up early in the morning to make sure that my posts for ThriftyMaven were in order. It’s a world where I have to be at work by 8:25 in the morning and I am surrounded by teenagers all day. This is a world where she beds don’t get made by themselves nor do dishes get done on their own. No photographers stop me and snap my picture and companies are not giving me swag or inviting me to party like a rockstar.

Then again all weekend long I’ve missed my husband. That’s right, the same husband who knows exactly how to get on my last stinking nerve. I miss how he talks about subject I have no interest in whatsoever. I miss fixing his meals and doing his laundry. Most of all I miss his kisses and being in his arms at night.

I miss my dogs too. I wonder if they notice I am gone. Does Darryl remember to tell them that they are “good boys” and offer them a treat if they poop outside? I wonder if he let’s Little Dog sleep in our bed when I’m not around.

I take the elevator down to the lobby. Already it is packed with new arrivals. New signs have replaced the BlogHer signs. The lower floors looked so empty. Less than 24 hours earlier they were filled with bloggers and PR reps. I took one last look at my home away from home and headed upstairs for a final party.

Coffee wasn’t all they were serving. They also had the new Starbucks Vivanno. There were also lots of pastries and I could have just crunched the calorie level in my head. “No” I tell myself. “You can only have one pastry that’s it. Since I’m not a coffee drinker I didn’t have any of that either. I love Starbucks Green Tea Lattes and if they want to send me some free coupons to try some of their pastries or other beverages to review. Please feel free to do so. If you want to sponsor a giveaway on my site to promote your tea products I would be happy to do so.

Honestly if I didn’t care about the calories I consumed I would have tried every yummy pastry they had there. As it was I grabbed a couple of samples of their new coffee and a couple packs of their snacks and began taking some photos. Each minute that ticked by brought me another closer to home. Why can’t I always live like this? If I lived like this what would it take to make things seem so special? Isn’t it amazing where the crossroads of sweeping and blogging have brought me?

I glanced at a clock and realized I needed to hustle back down to my room so I can get packed and ready to go. From here I have one more appointment. One last great hurrah for a thrifty blogger on a trip of a lifetime.

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