Sunday, August 30, 2009

Love Songs From A Monster

According to the latest news, pervert Phil Garrido wrote "love songs" about his young hostigage while he served four months in jail back in 1993 for violating parole. He pined that he looked forward to getting home to his “blue-eyed girl” and and getting “down and dirty” with her. He later recorded the songs at his home and handed out the CDs to friends and family.

It is believed his wife Nancy kept Jaycee under lock and key during while he was in jail. Can you imagine? You husband has a young girl held prisoner in your home and you are OK with that? Not just OK but you help keep her locked away so when your husband comes back home he can continue to sexually abuse her.

Weeks after being released from prison Garrido had his first child with Jaycee, by then 14. Four years later they had another child. He wrote a new set of songs about the children. Has he molested those kids?

Speaking of those poor children, how is this all going to affect them. They know this monster as their father. They have known no other life. They've never been to school or to a doctor. How can Jaycee separate herself mentally from the abuse she received at Garrido's hands and cope with what the children will go through as they might miss their Dad.

This is not a marriage gone bad. This is years of rape and mental abuse. The state of California owes her some mental health care. I hope they give it to her but it seems like the only ones that ever really are on the receiving end of state help is the perpetrator.

I saw a couple of people mention that this was an example of how sick Christianity is. This man was not a Christian. Heck I could paint black stripes on a pony but that doesn't make it a zebra. He was a sick, sick, evil man who used God to justifty his actions. A Christian would not do something like this. To paint him as being a Christian is unfair to people who truly are Christian.

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