Saturday, September 5, 2009


Once again my main laptop crashed. I was getting ready to go to school on Friday and an update popped up for a windows application. wouldn't you know it I did what I was instructed to do and when it turned off to boot back up it never did. CRAAAAAASH Two. This is the second time but this time it's not so easy to fix and now I will have to order a back up disk.

This of course means that once again I have to try to retrieve the songs from my ipod. Good luck right?

Meanwhile Darryl and I spent the morning running around trying to catch up on chores. In other words a typical weekend. I had to get my hair trimmed and we had to drop off some stuff from the library.

We stopped at McDonalds and I had their hot chocolate which I LOVE!!!! I treated Darryl to an iced Chocolate Latte which he thinks is the best. We checked out four movies and then we stopped back by McDonalds for lunch. They have this really yummy Southwestern Salad. I could eat those things every day they're that good.

We watched two movies. One was called The Walker and the other was Two Days in Paris. Both movies were real let downs in my opinion. I suppose the only good thing about the movie The Walker was hearing that Bryan Ferry Song, Which Way To Turn.

Hardly anyone checked out ThriftyMaven today. That's got me a little sad. Then again it is a three day weekend so I suppose people have better things to do than to check out my site.

So that's it for us today. I'm hoping that Darryl won't have to keep working until 7:30 every night next week.

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