Friday, September 25, 2009

Woman Wins 4 Cars in 4 Weeks

I have been doing sweepstakes and contests for about thirty years now. Over all this time I have NEVER won a single vehicle. I even got someone else to start sweeping and they won a vehicle. What's wrong with this picture?

Perhaps why I like this story about a woman from Sacramento, "Salina" who has won four vehicles in the past two months.

Last Sunday, the woman won a Lexus convertible worth $43,000 and the week before it was a Mercedes convertible worth $47,000. Last month she won two pickup trucks.

Thunder Valley spokesman Doug Elmets said casino security officials reviewed video of the drawings and were convinced they were legitimate. "After the second time she won we immediately went and investigated to make certain everything was perfectly clear," he said.

The truck and convertible drawings work like this: Players accumulate tickets during the week based on their amount of slot and table play. Tickets are then drawn from a drum Sunday evening until 10 players are chosen to select one envelope each. Nine envelopes contain cash awards of up to $1,000, and one lucky player will win the car or truck.

Elmets said Salina is one of the casino's top players, so her odds of making the first cut were relatively good. But it was phenomenal luck that allowed her to beat out nine other contestants to win the grand prize four times in a row.

"When she won her second truck she was number ten," explained Tina Rogo, the master of ceremonies for the grand prize drawings. "She couldn't even choose. She was left with whatever was left over and she still won it."

It appears karma may be at play because she gives much of her winnings, including these vehicles to people in need. How's that for a great story?

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