Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Garrido Hung Around Schools

The Monster charged with kidnapping Jaycee Lee Dugard and holding her captive in his backyard for 18 years had sick "sexual fantasies" about little girls for decades.

Phillip Garrido admitted that starting in 1968 he hung around schools and pleasured himself while "watching young females."

"I have done it by the side of schools, grammar schools and high schools, in my own car," Garrido said in court testimony obtained Tuesday by The Daily News.

Asked how old these girls were, Garrido replied, "From 7 to 10."

Meanwhile Garrido's first wife says he once "tried to gouge" her eyes out with a safety pin. Phillip Garrido went into a jealous rage when he saw another man flirting with his wife.

"He took a safety pin and went after my eyes," Christine Murphy told Inside Edition. "He left a scar on my face."

Murphy, who said she and Garrido were high school sweethearts in northern California, said he "smacked" her around during their brief marriage and that she became his first kidnapping victim when she tried to flee him.

How many chances does this guy get? Why in the HELL did the cops and his PO not actually look around his home to see what was going on in light of the neighbor's complaints?

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