Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Shot Girls, Lazarro, & Baez Oh MY

Today the two former lovers reunite but in far different surroundings than their last encounter.

On the stand Tony Lazzaro recalled meeting Casey Anthony on Facebook, and they struck up a relationship.

Casey Anthony started coming around and staying overnight with Tony sans her daughter as the relationship progressed. She told Lazarro that her daughter Caylee was staying with her grandmother or with a babysitter named Zanny.

Tony's roomates, Nathan Lezniewicz and Cameron Campana testified that Caylee never spent the night at the apartment.

We also got to hear from several women, who worked at Fusion Nightclub as shot girls that testified that Anthony was their supervisor at the time .

None of the people who testified today mentioned Casey appearing express any sadness or regret. You know the kind of thing that one might actually expressed by someone who's daughter was missing and/or died.

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