Friday, May 20, 2011

Chaos In The Court As The Jury is Selected In The Casey Anthony Trial


Today, 30 yr old Elizabeth Ann Rogers had an emotional outburst at the Pinellas County Florida Courthouse during jury selection for the upcoming Casey Anthony Murder Trial.

Ms. Rogers had been in the courthouse for another reason and said she was curious about the Anthony trial.

As a perspective juror was being questioned, Ms. Rogers yelled out "She killed someone anyway!"

Judge Perry had to dismiss the juror which definitely raised his ire. He then had the bailiffs bring Ms. Rogers back to court to face contempt of court charges.

In between her sobs, she said she had no idea why she yelled this out and never meant to do what she did. She begged Judge Perry not to punish her telling him that she was NOT a bad person.

It was pretty sad to watch Ms. Rogers ramble on about being sorry and the various mental challenges from which she suffered which included being bipolar, manic depressive, multiiple personality disorder, and ADHD.

Judge Perry obviously did not want this trial to become a three ring circus and found her in contempt of court. He informed her that he could inprison her for 179 days. Judge Perry did decide to take her disability into account and sentenced her to two days in jail.

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