Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oh My God, She's Such A Good Liar

Casey's former boyfriend, Tony Lazzaro, was on the stand for a second day.

"She was a great little girl," Lazzaro said when he described Caylee. He also said that Caylee could count in Spanish to 40 and loved Dora the Explorer.

Lazzaro said the two would talk on the phone until they fell asleep and confirmed that Anthony confided a secret about her family with him before she was arrested in July 2008, but said she never mentioned that her daughter had gone missing. Am I the only one who finds this...ODD?

We also got to hear from Melissa England who met Casey Anthony during the July 4 weekend in 2008 said that Anthony gloated about her ability to lie after telling someone on the phone that she couldn't pick them up because she had a flat tire.

"She threw the phone on the dashboard and said, 'Oh my God, I'm such a good liar,'" said witness Melissa England.

This is the first witness who says that Casey Anthony actually did appear distraught during the time her daughter was missing. According to her testimony, while hanging out at Chillers Bar in Orlando, on "She was very upset, she was crying often…she was clearly not doing well and ultimately wanted to leave,"

After jurors were recessed this afternoon, former boyfriend Lazzaro testified that Casey Anthony confided she had been physically abused by her father, but made no mention of sexual abuse.

"Hitting, that's all I can remember…I took it as discipline," said Lazzaro.

So wait, let me get this straight. Baez said that George sexually abused Casey, as a matter of fact it was pretty explicit abuse involving putting his "penis" in her mouth when she was eight. Does this mean that we will have to wait for Casey to testify to this because obviously Tony's testimony does not point to any sexual abuse.

If in fact Casey doesn't testify, and why would she, how in the HELL do they plan to prove this? Can't Baez get in trouble for lying as an officer of the court?

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