Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Couple Arrested At The Occupy Boston Encampment

A man and woman were arrested in Dewey Square for allegedly selling heroin to an undercover police officer.

I find it interesting that the media describes the couple as living in a tent with Occupy Boston protesters on the Rose Kennedy Greenway as opposed to being part of the group. I suspect if this had been a Tea Party rally arrest the media would point to this as yet another example of the depravity of those on the right.

Take for example, the media's handling of Mr. Steve Stevlic. Mr. Stevlic is a Tea Party activist and is the head of the Chicago Tea Party. It was very important for the media to inform us of his arrest for soliciting a prostitute. Perhaps it should be mentioned here that according to the Chicago DA, all charges against Stevlic were dropped.

Meanwhile, back at Occupy Boston.... The arrest of thirty-four-year-old Isaac Bell and 31-year-old Charlene Dumont went down after an undercover officer bought heroin from Bell in the men’s bathroom at South Station. Uniformed officers arrested Bell when he returned to his tent in Dewey Square.

Officers recovered the money used to buy the drugs as well as a small bag of heroin and empty plastic bags.

Why is there a disparate treatment of the two groups by the media? Why was it important to call out Mr. Stevic but at the same time make sure that the herion dealers were NOT actually part of the group, just living there? What is their proof that they weren't part of the protest or should we just safely assume the best? Could the answer be found in the fact that four times more journalists identify as Liberal than Conservative? I'll let you be the judge.

Maybe, just maybe, Mr. Bell and Ms. Dumont were just visiting the encampment. If so then it wouldn't be fair to paint Occupy Boston with a broad brush of criminality. Then again, maybe, just maybe the people who attended Tea Party Rallies would have appreciated it if the media and those on the left hadn't placed on an endless loop that "ALL Tea Party people are racist".

Party on Garth. Party on Wayne. Party on Occupy Whatever!

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