Monday, October 24, 2011

Honestly Officer I Thought She Was Older - The Occupy Crowd Strikes Again

There is an investigation into the possible sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl at the Occupy Dallas campsite. According to published reports, members of the Occupy Dallas never knew the girl was 14 saying she had claimed to be 19 years old.

Police were alerted after someone recognized the girl from a picture seen on a flyer asking for help locating a missing teen.

Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, a 14 year old girl misrepresented her age. What should be surprising, but sadly is not, is that grown men were ready and willing to take advantage of this young girl.

Gosh is there a pattern here? Sadly, I've seen a few people posting that this statutory rape (and yes that's just what it is because she does not have the legal ability to consent) is the girl's own fault. After all she lied about her age.

Just what kind of pervert sleeps with a fourteen year old? Never mind. I think we know don't we.

By the way, didn't Obama say he supports this group? Maybe he should back away from this statement before it gets much worse. As if....

Funny how the TEA Party never needed to develop guidelines on how to deal with rape and sexual assault at any of their rallies.

The published #Occupy guidelines involve discouraging police involvement! I'm not kidding. According to their own pamphlet members of the protest group who believe they are victims or who suspect sexual abuse "are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee," which will investigate and "supply the abuser with counseling resources." What the heck does that mean exactly?

As a rape survivor myself, I would wonder why anyone would discourages victims of sexual assaults from contacting police.

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