Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rape, Child Molesters, And Plundering At Occupy Wall Street, Oh MY

Occupy Wall Street is not much different than the Tea Party movement according to President Obama.

WAIT A MINUTE! I said wait a minute. I think you might want to rethink that statement, Mr. President.

How could it possibly be that a group that claims they are the people that are going to bring about "change" and a "new order" would demonstrate their inability to see that the world is NOT populated solely by good people, even if they do profess to have the same political beliefs that you do.

I say this because it appears the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” Sadly, this young woman might not have the ability to make an informed decision. It has come to light that she attends Summit Academy in Parma, a school for young people with educational abilities like Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and hyperactvity.

She DID NOT deserve to be raped. That's worth repeating. She DID NOT deserve to be raped. I do blame the organizers who put her in this position. Why would they assign her to share such tight living quarters with a man she didn't know?

As a rape survivor myself, I know first hand the overwhelming degradation and life-long effects that come with having been violated in such a manner.

The comparisons to the Tea Party don't stop there. It appears in Nirvana, I mean Zuccotti Park, where the good people of Occupy Wall Street are camped out, thieves experienced some plundering last night. According to the New York Post, about $2,500 in donations were stolen from the kitchen. One protester claimed his $5,500 laptop was also taken.

While I have no clue if the plundering took place by people who are actually in the group, hangers on to the group, people invited into the group with signs that said, "Room for one more", but some how, I just don't believe on of those evil, racist Tea Partiers stole the young man's laptop.

You don't suppose that this young man who had his laptop stolen actually meant redistribution of wealth stops at his laptop. Seems a bit selfish that he doesn't want to share with the people who don't have a laptop. I'm part of that percent. Hey maybe the government will supply me one as part of my RIGHTS as a human being. I have the right to a iPad don't you?

Ah but if that were an isolated incident. A man accused of exposing himself to children in the Seattle area at least five times since September was arrested early Tuesday at his home in Kenmore. Not quite certain how I missed the flasher pervert at the tea party rally. Oh wait, if there actually HAD been one of those trust me there would have been no way anyone could have missed it because it would have been all over the news.

Oh and did you hear that a convicted sex offender from California registered his address at the Occupy Portland camp? Don't worry though because he says "I'm not here to harm children," Since last week, he's been living in Lownsdale Square among the dozens of other demonstrators in solidarity with the national Occupy Wall Street movement. Anyone want to share a tent with him?

So let's see, there's rape going on, thievery, and the occasionally child molester. You're right Obama, they're just like the Tea Party, oh except for the whole criminal element. By the way, don't look for this to hit the main stream media because only stories about "racist teabaggers" make the news.

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