Monday, September 17, 2012

Rusty Scupper - Restaurant Review

Mr. Thrifty and I are visiting the state where I grew up, Maryland. I can't begin to tell you just how excited I was about going to Baltimore, even though this is a working vacation.

We were both hungry after our flight and decided to stop at the Rusty Scupper
for dinner and I'm sure glad we did.

The ambiance was spectacular with beautiful harbour views and live piano music. Talk about romance.

Having been away from Maryland for so long I truly missed crabs. It's difficult to find good crab cakes when you live far away from the state that proudly proclaims that it is for crabs.

I ordered the Broiled Seafood Combination which consists of shrimp, scallop, crabcake, stuffed oyster, baked cod with rice and vegetables. Mr. Thrifty on the other hand ordered a lobster special they had that evening.

While we waited we were served focaccia bread with the roasted red pepper, garlic, and almond dipping sauce, amazing. Hubby immediately made a note that I was to look up how this is actually made because he'd love to have it again.

We chattered about business, about long-term plans, and all that came to an end when dinner was served.

For me it was love at first bite when I tried my crab cake. Finally a crab cake that doesn’t hide the delicious taste of the crab with fillers. It was almost totally crab and the butter sauce. I remember asking the waitress if they serve these crab cakes in heaven. I sure hope so.

Hubby loved his lobster and he agreed that we had certainly picked the right spot to dine for his first night ever in Baltimore, Maryland. 

The Thrifty's give the Rusty Scupper a big Four Stars.  While it is pricier than restaurants we normally review it is the perfect place for a special celebration like an engagement, an important birthday or an anniversary. 

Reservations are preferred but not required. 
The Rusty Scupper is located at 402 Key Highway, Inner Harbor
Phone: 410-727-3678,

Disclaimer:  In keeping with the FTC rules I would like to inform you that I received no financial compensation for this post.  The opinions expressed are my own.

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