Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melissa Dilan-Hernandez A Fool For Love?

Shakespeare tells us that the course of true love never did run smooth and this is true of the star-crossed romance of Melissa Dilan-Hernandez and her "soul mate" TJ.

When last we met the couple the appeared on the Dr. Phil show were Melissa hoped to "set the record straight" and shore up the unlawful sex with certain minors case that she faces.

Melissa proclaimed that when she first met T.J. on Facebook two years ago, he told her that he was 18. She claims that they had an instant connection. “He told me that I was cute, and then I told him, ‘Send me a message,’” she explains.

Even after she learned T.J. actual age she decided to continue the relationship because they were already emotionally attached. As the adult in this case, it was her responsibility not only to say no to the sexual relationship. Even worse SHE decided to have a child but because she has an emotional need to justify her crime she proclaims that 'we' agreed to have a baby - as a minor.  I thought a woman is charge of her own body and therefore makes the final decision. 

“Some say that our love is wrong, but our personal belief is that it doesn’t really matter how old you are; love is love.”

Ah love, so fleeting, so temporal and this is true even for these star-crossed lovers. You see after the Dr. Phil show there was trouble in paradise. I suppose it is unfair to say that the trouble hadn't bubbled up to the surface before the show after all we learned that the police had been summoned to their motel room on seven separate occasions.

On the In Love and Legal show Melissa learned that TJ .was the one who actually went to the police station to fill out a report against Melissa. She also learned that he might not be so willing to wait fifteen years for her to serve out her sentence.

On Melissa's Twitter account she pondered

"How can someone kiss another in public a few hours after they tell you they love you? Do they feel any remorse? So sad."

It didn't take TJ long to move on which no doubt frustrated Melissa. I believe she was hoping that he was a willing victim in hopes that the courts would deal with her with leniency.

We learn the relationship is still volatile when she posts: "Ever been with someone that says he/she loves you, but lies constantly and when caught in it they turn aggressive?"

When others question her choice of dating a 15 1/2 year old boy Melissa's fall back response seems to be that Dr Phil edited the show to make her look bad. This was a charge she had even made while on the show but Dr. Phil let her know that if he really wanted to make her look bad he would share the other things he knew about her, pointed to the card, and she dropped it. On social networking sites though, she's free to spin her story as she pleases with little regard for the facts.

Melissa is quick to attack TJ's character as she insists that she wanted TJ to complete school but he never signed up to take the GED. Obviously Melissa is not knowledgeable about the drop-out statistics for young people who become parents in their teens. I find this interesting especially since she claims to have a BS degree in Education.

Melissa's fall-back seems to be in the role of damsel in distress as she tells a new young man she meets online that TJ dropped by destroying things, including her phone, threatening her by saying that if she didn't get back with him. She lets him know that she can't risk anymore domestic calls to the cops.

Meanwhile Melissa laments the fact that TJ is looking for love on Craigslist. She picks the ad apart bit by bit like a scorned lover. Could it be that she has lost her hold over him?

The sad part is that there are four children who are suffering in this whole drama. Melissa lost two of her children and isn't allowed to see them. Do you realize how difficult it is for a mother to lose custody?

When I tried speaking with Melissa for this article her tweets were more in line with personal attacks rather than substantive replies. She even asked her new potential suitor to attack not just me but others who questioned her wisdom in this situation.

Clearly Melissa exhibits many of the traits of a sociopath such as failing to recognize the rights of others, a grandiose sense of self, lacking the sense of personal boundaries, and is indifferent to the devastation she caused. She is not concerned about wrecking others' lives and dreams and she certainly does not accept any personal blame rather she blames others, even for acts she obviously committed.


Anonymous said...

now she is pregnant by yet this Justin the one after TJ and gave up her 3rd and fourth child to a foster mother

Anonymous said...

she is pregnant for the 5th time

theodore said...

this is tj you can find me on facebook. theodore james sinavage im dealing with alot of emotional distress and pregnant again??? whos justin?? unbelievable

Leah Kennedy said...

First of all Melissa, no one is going to listen, or "get to know you" this is because no one can respect the fact that you are 30 years old and had a relationship with a child, and a baby on top of that. Those actions greatly reveal your character and mental status.

I honestly believe they both lie a lot, I believe tj just is a troubled child and wanted excitement and to be comforted. Melissa just has a screw lose, she seems to have the mindset of a 15 year old. Melissa also seems to be careless and has had a hold on him. Shed say things then look at him to agree.

Melissa is not in reality, tj should just try to get his life together and be careful how to trust.

Why does Melissa have such a strong weird accent like English is her second language.

I first thought Melissa was an illegal immigrant trying to gain status as a US citizen.

I strongly believe Melissa is a drug user which is why she is at the mental state she currently at.

Tj thought she was hot, she does look much younger, but hes too young to make these decisions.

On top of that, I believe Theodore is not tj, by the wording it sounds more like Melissa.

Leah Kennedy said...

Also the first thing they bring up about the fights and police calls was that it was not physical. No one even asked or said it was, so by their response it is obvious its physical.

I see Melissa as being very very abusive.

Leah Kennedy said...

Those are my thought from my personal experiences