Monday, November 26, 2012

Was Crucial Evidence Missed in the Casey Anthony Trial?

In the case that never fails to enrage, we learn that the sheriff’s office's computer investigator missed a June 16, 2008 Google search for "fool-proof" suffocation methods when investigating Casey Anthony’s computer activity. It appears that the search was made on June 16, 2008 which coincidentally was the last day her daughter Caylee was seen alive.

While the Orange County Sherriff’s Department “overlooked” the search, Casey’s attorney Jose Baez’s computer expert found the search before the trial. Jose Baez, first mentioned the search in his book about the case but suggested it was George Anthony who conducted the search after Caylee drowned because he wanted to kill himself.

According to WKMG's timeline of the day Caylee was last seen, Casey was in her parents' home - as confirmed by cell phone pings - when the search was typed in at 2:51pm (which was misspelled as 'suffication').

Seconds later, the user was pointed to a website with writing that suggested: 'Poison yourself and then follow it up with suffocation' by placing 'a plastic bag over the head.' 

One minute after that, a MySpace account was accessed. Casey was the only person in the house who used the social networking site.

To this day I am speechless over the NOT GUILTY verdict.  Despite a great deal of evidence pointing directly to her guilt was, the jury rejected every bit of it.  The jury was so caught up in their CSI delusions that short of seeing video tape of the actual murder they would still have found Casey not guilty in spite of this new information.

Casey was found not guilty and therefore she will NEVER be tried again for this crime.  She could get on national television and confess every detail of her crime and still she cannot be prosecuted again.  I would hope she wouldn’t follow down the path of O J Simpson and write a book entitled “If I Had Killed My Baby”.  The best we can hope for is that Casey is NEVER able to make any money from this crime.

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