Monday, November 23, 2009

Come On Birthers Get Real

Last summer my husband and I read Dreams From My Father by Barrack Obama. Actually we also read his book the Audacity of Hope last summer also. We felt it only fair that we hear what Obama had to say about himself in his own words. Both political parties had a vested interest in portraying him in a particular light but we wanted to know what he proclaimed to have influenced his life, his views, and his values. We learned much.

One of the first things you learn is really kind of inconsequential at first glance. He was born in Hawaii. Now while I might think it would have been ironic had he come from Alabama or Mississippi his birthplace was but a side note in what I wanted to know about Obama.

It appears that my husband and I missed one of the big controversies of the whole book, and that it "Is Barrack Obama an American"? Well DUH.

Now I'm no expert but I do happen to know that Hawaii became a state in 1959. How do I always remember this? Well that's because I was born in 1959 and that's when Hawaii and Alaska were admitted to the union. Last I check I am older than the President. Again, I'm no genius but his mother was American, he was born here in America, and spent most of his life in America, move on, get to the real issues and those issues are far bigger than is Obama an American.

More interesting is that there was a group who said that Obama's step-father actually adopted him when he married Barrack's Mom. If this were true then it does change things somewhat. How exactly? Well Barrack's Step-father, his sister's father, was not American and he took the family back to his native land. If the adoption took place when it is alleged, when they were living in Jakarta Indonesia then Barrack would no longer be American. Just like when a child is adopted from China here in America they become American and not dual citizens the same is true in Indonesia.

This adoption rumor was hot and heavy for a little while but was dropped in favor of the Obama wasn't born in America. My guess is because it's an easier story to remember. Supporters of the birth certificate theory, known as 'Birthers,' believe the Certification of Live Birth produced by the state of Hawaii is a forgery. I do NOT believe that it is. I absolutely believe he was born in Hawaii.

The "birther" movement is akin to people who proclaim that they were taken up by flying saucers and people who believe the earth is flat by those on the left. While my view on this is not as extreme I think that it is definitely wrong headed. I believe that the people who buy into the "birther" movement are disaffected voters who feel frustrated that the government has been ignoring their concerns for a number of years. First by Bush and his failure to address the immigration policies and the devastating financial problems caused by real estate speculation. Now they feel that Barrack Obama is no better.

Now we have people who are throwing up billboards with a birther theme. The billboard, located at 4855 Miller Road, shows two cartoonish images of Obama wearing a Muslim turban and reads "PRESIDENT or JIHAD?"

It also says "BIRTH CERTIFICATE - PROVE IT!" alluding to the conspiracy theory which claims Barack Obama was born in Kenya rather than Hawaii, which would disqualify him for the office of President.

While I believe you can be for or against Obama on a myriad of issues I think that saying he is not American is counterproductive.

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