Friday, November 13, 2009

Did Oprah Go Too Far This Time?

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up. Step right this way. For just one dime, one tenth of a dollar, you can see something AH-MAZING! Before your very eyes we will reveal something you have never seen before, something you can only see here. Fix your eyes this way ladies and gentlemen...."

Let's start by saying that I have been an Oprah fan for many years. There were so many times I watched her show and appreciated the things that I learned from her or from her guests.

So right from the get-go I want you to know I don't hate Oprah. I admire her. She is a savvy business woman and very bright. I have read many of the books on her book list and I still like watching her show when I'm able to do so.

Yet this time I wonder if Oprah has jumped the Shark. This time she may as well have been a circus barker at the side show saying "take a peak". Has she really sunk to this level? I realize I haven't watched her show in about a year but has there really been such a downward slide to this?

Charla Nash was attacked by a chimp. She was horrible mutilated. I can't believe she agreed to go on Oprah's show. She wore a veil because she wants some privacy. Why couldn't she have that? Did you really need to exploit her for the ratings? Have your ratings fell that low that you have to resort to that? What's next? Will you be having teens take pregnancy tests to confront their baby daddy? Perhaps you could have couples come on and engage in hair pulling, chair throwing, and breast exposing?

All I can say is Oprah I am very disappointed in you.

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